X2Workflow Marketing

We are often faced with a wide range of repetitive marketing tasks, such as sending out emails and updating contact records, which are ripe for automation. Unfortunately, many CRM systems require you to purchase and integrate additional applications to take advantage of fully functioning marketing automation capabilities. More often than not these “best of breed” marketing applications are expensive and unnecessarily complex, and the integration to your CRM system is an afterthought. X2CRM, on the other hand, provides intuitive yet powerful marketing automation as a core component in order to increase the productivity and reach of everyone in your organization. X2CRM’s marketing automation, X2Workflow, not only helps ensure “best practices” are automatically followed, but it also frees people to focus on the truly creative and compelling aspects of marketing campaigns and programs that produce solid leads.

X2Workflow is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow designer and engine. With X2Workflow, users can leverage all the data in X2CRM to easily model both simple and complex process flows. You start by selecting a “Trigger”, such as “Campaign Web Activity”, along with any associated conditions that must be met before any flow is activated. Then you simply drag-n-drop actions that will be automatically performed whenever the Trigger conditions are met, and configure parameters associated with each flow action.

The power and usability of X2Workflow is best illustrated by a few simple examples:

1. Email Contacts Viewing a Campaign Website

Let’s say you have a marketing campaign running on your website and you want to be able to react with some automated actions whenever someone visits the site. You start by selecting the “Campaign Web Activity” trigger along with the appropriate campaign. Then you simply drag-and-drop and configure flow actions such as updating the visitor contact record in X2CRM and sending the visitor an email with an enticing offer. Here’s how such a workflow might look in X2Workflow Designer:


2. Begin Nurturing New Web Leads

Your organization may have an effective sales process that you want to automate in order to scale your business while minimizing hiring costs and promote as a sales best practice to ensure its consistently followed. The Trigger, for example, might be a new web lead that activates a workflow when the lead meets certain specified criteria. The flow might include the following actions: creating a new lead record, emailing the prospect to thank them for visiting the site, alerting assigned sales representative, scheduling an action for the sales rep to call the prospect in a few days, and then emailing prospect again the following week with an enticing offer:


3. Assign Contacts Based on Lead Routing Rules

Maybe you simply want to establish lead routing automation to ensure that new leads are actively pursued within a specified time period before being re-assigned to someone else. For example, once the lead, generated when the prospect clicks on your campaign email, is initially assigned the sale rep has 1 hour to open and act on a new lead before the lead goes to another sales rep based on your lead routing:


4. Notify and Categorize Service Requests

X2Workflow allows you to automate any processes that handle the customer, including marketing, sales, service, and support, so you can increase both employee productivity and customer satisfaction. For example, a service request automation flow might create a new service record, update the Activity Feed, send a customer email, and add the record to an ‘outstanding customer issues’ list if the problem is not successfully resolved within a specified time period:


These are all very simple very simple automation use cases which anyone can create in minutes. X2Workflow can also be used to model more complex flows with many conditional switches and actions configured for your organization’s specific needs and requirements. Because the workflows are created with X2CRM’s simple drag-n-drop and pull-down menu interfaces, X2Workflow can be utilized not only to increase employee productivity and operational effectiveness, but also to customize and extend X2CRM without any programming.