Welcome to the X2CRM software learning center. This is a new video tutorial library and we are frequently adding new topics. This video training library is divided into three sections; application how-to videos, administer training and advanced developer topic videos. Please scroll down the page for the list of videos. To suggest a topic please send an email to customersupport@x2engine.com with your video request.

X2CRM Introductory Video Tour

This video provides you with a product overview and CRM demonstration of X2CRM. John Roberts walks through X2CRM’s history, competitive edge, deployments options, premium services, and key features.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service How-To Videos

The Interface and Dashboard

This video shows you how X2CRM’s interface and dashboard are setup as well as how to customize the dashboard.

How to Enter a Contact into X2CRM

Shows the process of creating a contact with the X2CRM system.

Grid View Mass Actions

This video shows you how to use the grid view (or the view when viewing a list) to perform mass actions such as: deletions, merging, updates, and tagging.

The Leads Module

This video explains what leads are, how to create leads, how to convert leads, and how to export and import leads.

The Process Module

This video describes what a process is, how they work, and how to create a new process in X2CRM.

Creaing Reports and Charts

This video describes why reporting and charting is useful, the different reports and charts available, and how to make reports and charts using X2CRM.

How to Create a Doc Template

This video shows how to create new documents, email templates, and quote templates. You can find the written documentation for docs here, in our User Reference Guide.

How to Integrate Your Email Account

This is a how-to video for email integration with the X2CRM system.

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Demonstrates how to create an email marketing campaign with X2CRM. You can find the written documentation for the marketing module here.

The Service Module

This video describes the Service Module in X2CRM and how to use it.

Administrator Training Videos:

Customizing Modules and the Interface

This video describes and demonstrates how to hide and show module on the interface as well as how to customize them.

How to Create a New User

This video shows you how to create a new user with X2CRM and specifies which fields are required when creating a new user. You can find the written documentation on creating new users here.

Managing User Roles

This video shows you how to manage user roles such as assigning users to different groups in X2CRM. You can find the written documentation on user role management here.

Personalization – Admin

This video shows administrators how to change the logo, create themes, set default themes, and change the application name in X2CRM.

Using X2Identity

This is a tutorial video on X2Identity, explaining how it works as well as showing an example of the feature in use.

Introduction to X2Workflow Workflow Designer

This is a brief introductory video for X2CRM’s X2Flow automation system feature.

X2Workflow Triggers

This video describes what a trigger is and then lists all of the triggers available in X2Flow.

Advanced X2Workflow Topics

This video shows users how to use some of the more advanced features of X2Flow: formulas, chained insertable attributes, and shortcodes.

How to Create a Web Lead Form

This video shows how to create a web lead form with X2CRM. It discusses all the available options that can be customized when creating a web lead form and then demonstrates how to use the embed code to embed the web lead form onto your WordPress website. You may find the written documentation for creating web leads here.

How to Setup a Web Tracker

This x2crm video tutorial demonstrates how to setup a web tracker for your website. There is also a brief introduction to browser fingerprinting and how it can be used for tracking the contacts who visit your website. You can find the written documentation here.

Using Export and Import to Backup Data

How to backup data using the export and import features in X2CRM.

How to Customize Data Fields

Shows how to customize data fields using X2CRM system.

How to Set Lead Routing Options

This video shows you the various lead routing options you can select from and how to set them. You can find written documentation on lead routing here.

Software Developer Topic Videos:

Introduction to Development

An introduction to development in X2CRM with special guest Jake Houser.

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