• The Set Lead Distribution option allows you to manage the lead filtering system.

    • Select a lead distribution method from the drop down menu highlighted in the green box. The Online Only setting allows you to specify whether a user needs to currently be online or not in order to be sent a lead.

    • There are multiple models for distributing new leads. Descriptions for these models are found in the area highlighted by the orange box.

    • Free for all assigns the lead to ‘anyone’, meaning any member of your sales team can claim the lead. Round Robin cycles through a list of your sales staff until everyone has at least one lead. Then it cycles through the list again. Single user sends all leads to one member of your sales team. This is good for small sales teams.

  • You may also set custom criteria for lead routing. Select Custom Round Robin and use Add Custom Lead Rules to specify your own rules for lead filtering:

The Add Custom Lead Rules lets you specify how X2CRM will handle “Round Robin” lead assignments

  • As indicated by the text highlighted in the blue box, this option is specific to the custom round robin setting.

  • View a list of your current custom lead routing methods in the area highlighted by the orange box. It displays the criteria, the user, and the option to delete. It also displays its priority. If ever two lead routing rules conflict with each other, the one with the most prominent priority will be followed.

  • For example, in this screen, the lead routing rule with priority 6 sends leads from California to Kevin Xu. However, the rule with priority 7 sends leads from California to Nick Cordova. The lead with priority 6 takes precedence over the lead with priority 7. Thus, Kevin Xu will be receiving those leads.

  • Speaking of criteria, set a new rule with the conditions menu highlighted in the red box. click the [Add] option to set multiple criteria.

  • Select the users to send the lead to in the the menu highlighted in the green box. To select multiple users hold down the control key as you click. You may also tick the Group option to instead select groups instead of users.

  • Set the priority for your new rule and then create.

  • The Service Case Web Form takes you to the create web form option in the service tab of X2CRM.

  • The Set Service Case Distribution option, like Set Lead Distribution before it, allows you to specify how new service cases will be distributed amongst your service reps.

  • The distribution types are described in the area highlighted in blue. The online only option limits the distribution to those users who are currently online.

  • Select the distribution type and set online only status from the menus highlighted in green. Then save.

  • Landing Page Designer links you to the landing page designer in the Marketing module.

  • Web Tracker Setup redirects you to the web tracker setting page.

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