The user menu provides your employees the tools needed to fully configure their individual X2CRM user account. Here, they can customize their theme (if permitted), manage their apps, and modify their account preferences such as notifications and visibility.

User Menu is accessed through a drop down menu under you account name


  • The profile page is a perfect snapshot of a specific user’s activity.

  • The user’s general information, such as usernames, phone numbers, and email address can be found at the top of the profile page, outlined in red.

  • If the user wants to update any of their general profile information, simply click the edit pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner, outlined in blue.

  • The Google Maps widget will display the location of the user’s logins and check-in posts. This is a great way to see where a user has traveled to!

  • The activity feed located on the profile page of a user is automatically filtered to only show posts or completed action belonging to or associated with that specific user.


  • The notification system in X2CRM places a blue number, highlighted in the red box, near the profile menu along the top bar. If you click this number, a small popup window displays your recent notifications, highlighted in the green box.

  • When a notification occurs, it is also posted to the activity feed. On this image, the post is visible in the activity feed widget, highlighted in the orange box in the right-hand column.

  • Notifications are also listed in detail when you click Notifications from the user profile menu. View a list of notifications, a description of the notification event, as well as the date and time of its arrival, outlined in the blue box.

  • Remove individual notifications by clicking the red X next to its entry, or remove every notification by clicking ‘clear all’ from the grey Notification title bar, shown in the green box to the right.


  • Users can customize their personal settings and modify the look-and-feel of their X2CRM installation.

  • With Preferences, users can make a variety of customization changes including modifying their X2CRM language, personal start page, time zone and theme settings. These settings are outlined in the green box.

  • X2CRM’s theme studio is outlined in the red box. Here, users can customize themes and appearance (unless locked by the administrator) including color settings for backgrounds, menus, text, widgets, headers, and others.

  • A collection of attractive background images are available out-of-box or users can upload their own background images.

    • To upload an image to be the background of X2CRM, simply click on the blue upload icon next to the “Background Image” drop-down.

    • An uploading toolbar will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Choose the file you would like to upload, select if the image will be public or private, then select upload.

    • Once your image is uploaded into X2CRM, you can choose how the image will be displayed/tiled in the background using the “Background Tiling” drop-down.

  • If you’ve set a personal background you’ll want to be able to see it! X2CRM has a small circle icon that resides in the extreme lower right corner of your screen, highlighted in yellow. If you click on it, it will hide your X2CRM windows (leaving behind the top menu) and show your background image in its full glory. To return to business, simply click the icon again and your screen will toggle back.

Manage Apps

  • You can connect third-party email services to X2CRM through Manage Apps. Our Quick Configuration Guide provides a detailed walkthrough on configuring various email clients, including Gmail and Gsuite accounts.

  • The initial page contains a list of all your currently configured third-party accounts, as well as an ‘add new’ button and a drop-down menu at the bottom of the list. The drop-down menu contains numerous options, such as email domains, Twilio, DocuSign, X2HubServices and others.

  • To make various accounts, such as your email, a default account, simply check the “Set as my default” option underneath the listed item.

Icon Reference

  • This page contains an index of all icons in X2CRM and a description of their significance. Links are present where available.


  • The Help option from the profile menu brings you to the user reference guide.


  • The About page presents you with a brief histroy of X2Engine, the X2CRM team, and your deployment information.

Report a Bug

  • As opposed to the bug report module from the top bar menu, which is meant to serve as an internal module for your company, Report a Bug allows you to contact us at X2 and inform us of any issues you are having with the software, or even requests for features you’d like to see in a future release of X2CRM.

  • Enter your email address in the field highlighted in green to be kept updated of news related to the bug. We will email you when the bug is resolved.

  • Enter a description of the problem. We recommend that when submitting the bug you include php mandatory server and PHP configuration information is very helpful for debugging purposes. Please note that the PHP submission can possibly contain sensitive information about your server’s configuration, so it is not mandatory to be sent with the report. However, it is extremely useful for us during the process of debugging and therefore we do highly recommend it. To include this information, simply tick the check box highlighted in red.

  • Check out our support forums,, to view postings about past and current bug and fixes.


Go Invisible

  • Toggles whether you will be listed as logged on for other users of your X2CRM system to see.

  • If you choose to go invisible, your browser will display a prompt, asking you to confirm your choice. This is outlined in blue.

  • When you go invisible, no one will be able to see that you are logged on and currently using X2CRM. The Active Users widget, highlighted in red, will not display your name amongst the roster of users currently on X2CRM.

  • After you have gone invisible, the profile menu will change and offer you the ability to go back to being visible, highlighted in green.


  • Clicking this option ends your X2CRM session and returns you to the login screen.

  • Until the next time.

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