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With a populated Products module, users can easy create quotes for prospects and customers. Quotes and invoices uses custom templates to ensure all customer correspondences are consistent with your corporate branding. Add line items from your products module and make adjustments on the fly. The Quotes module ensures everyone has a unified view of the customer’s information.

Quote Contents 

Create Quote 

Quote Detail View 

Quotes via Contacts

Create Quote

  • Quotes and Invoice Lists display an index of current and past quotes and invoices.

  • Select Create from the left hand column menu, highlighted in orange, and fill in the appropriate fields.

  • Enter numbers for “Probability” (ex. 70 = 70%).

  • Users can include preexisting products in their quotes. Select the product from the drop down menu under “line item”, highlighted in the teal circle.

  • Enter numbers for “Adjustment” (Ex. -50= reduce $50, or 10%= increase 10% from original price). This is highlighted in the brown box.

  • Add a comment if you like. Then, finalize by clicking create.

Quote Detail View

  • Click on any quote to view its detail page. Select from the options in the left hand column menu, highlighted in the orange box, to view and manage (i.e. Update/Delete, Attach Media to) quotes. Additionally you can Email the quote to an associate or customer, by clicking on the email icon in the upper right corner.

  • Select Print Quote to get a printer friendly version of the product account totals.

  • Quotes are also displayed in the associated contact’s page. Click on the contact’s name (e.g. “Darla Whey” highlighted in the purple box) to directly link to the contact’s page.

  • The quote detail view contains information about the quote itself as well as the deal. Basic info displays quote name and ID. The Sales window contains the associated contact, the assigned sales rep, the customer’s account, and deal probability. Dates shown create and close dates, as well as the time of most recent activity.

Quotes via Contacts

  • If you’ve clicked on the associated contact’s name from within the quote page, you will see the quotes module. Additionally if you’re already on a contact’s page, you can select ‘quotes/invoices’ from the left hand column menu, highlighted in red.

  • The quotes module, highlighted here in green, contains options to create new quotes, highlighted in the blue box, or to manage existing quotes, highlighted in the orange box.

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