Calendar provides a simple overview of actions and events that you or members of your team have created. Easily view all of your company’s upcoming events, meetings, or important dates on a single calendar.

View Calendar and Create Events

Manage Calendar

View Calendar and Create Events

  • Access the Calendar module from the top menu bar in X2CRM.

  • Choose to view monthly, weekly or daily calendar, highlighted in yellow in the top right corner.

  • On the left hand column, highlighted in orange, check the boxes of those users whose calendars you would like to receive event notifications from. Check multiple boxes to view multiple users’ calendar Actions/Events.

  • When creating an event in the calendar module, you have full control over all of the details for the event, highlighted in red at the bottom of the screen. You can set your calendar events to public or private. Colleagues will only be able to see public events. Set the public visibility of an event by clicking on it, or at the point of creating new actions and events in the New Event Publisher. Additionally, customize the event’s date, priority, who it is assigned to, and more.

  • In addition to setting general public visibility for your events, you can also use the My Calendar Permissions option to explicitly stipulate which individuals can and cannot view your calendar. You can also allow specific users to edit your calendar events if you wish. If you’re an administrator, you can do this for all users, via User Calendar Permissions.

Manage Calendar

  • Click any date and an action creator dialog box will pop up, allowing you to quickly add a new event.

  • Once an Action/Event is created, it will be displayed in the calendar. To change the date or details of the event, click on it and the action overview dialog box will pop up once again, highlighted in green. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the content to to the desired new date to automcatically update its information.

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