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The admin interface provides both administrators and developers with a wide range of tools, services, and documentation resources to manage and extend X2CRM. This module requires administrative level clearance in order to access it. The Admin module contains a considerable amount of utility; This guide is broken down into further sections. Click on a menu item below and you will be directed to that section.

Administrator Tools Contents

Admin Dashboard

Customer Support

X2Hub Services

Documentation & Videos

User Management

User Interface Settings

Admin Dashboard

Below is an image of the Admin screen where you gain access to these tools. Clicking on the Admin button on the Top Bar from any screen will take you to this page. You will only see this button if you have been granted Admin privileges for the system.

  • Log Viewer provides access to the application logs.

  • Process List views a list of running processes on your server.

  • Disk Space displays how much disk space has been used.

Customer Support

  • X2CRM links you to our main website,

  • File a Support Case opens a web form where a user may enter all the information about a case and submit. You may also call 1-831-900-5830 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

  • X2CRM Open Source Support links you to our support forums,

X2Hub Services

  • Obtain X2 Hub License Key explains how to obtain a license key for X2 Hub Services.

  • Configure X2 Hub Integration allows you to configure X2 Hub Services.

Document & Videos

  • X2CRM User Reference Guide links you to this document.

  • X2 Workflow Reference links to the reference guide specific to X2 Workflow.

  • X2CRM Tutorial Videos links you to our video tutorial library.

  • Developer Wiki links to X2CRM Technical Documentation.

  • Class Reference links to documentation generated via JavaDocs comments

User Management

  • Here you can Create, Invite and Manage Users. These are the members of your company, e.g. your sales and marketing teams. Administrators have an overview of their users and the ability to oversee user accounts, including viewing a complete action history, updating contact information and resetting passwords.

Create Users enables you to initialize a new user in the X2CRM system.

  • Clicking the option brings up a new user information form. Enter the required fields of name, username and password, as well as title, contact information and background info. Additionally, set their status as active or inactive.

  • All user information can be updated and altered after the user is created. However, usernames cannot be changed.

  • Assign the user to different groups and roles in the area highlighted by the blue box. Click the + / – icons or simply drag and drop the appropriate classes. You can assign any amount of groups and roles (which are editable in administration)

  • Click create to finalize the user.

  • Manage Users is an overview of all your X2CRM users and members.

    • Each of the blank white cells below each column heading are searchable. Enter text in these boxes and hit the return key to search. All matching records will be displayed.The grey boxes are not searchable.

    • If you click on an existing username you will be taken to the user detail view.

  • Invite User allows you to email an invitation to be added into the X2CRM user base, e.g. for new employees.

Edit User Permissions and Access Rules allows you a simplified view to change access rules for roles

  • Simply select the specific role you would like to edit permissions for from the drop-down menu.

  • You’ll have the option to make all users within this role an admin by checking the “Role as Admin?” option at the top.

  • On the far left column, you’ll see a list of all the modules within your X2CRM deployment. The columns to the right list different permissions you can choose to enforce for each module, such as create, update, or delete.

  • If you check the box in the header for a column (ie: View), you will automatically enable viewing permissions for every module. You can further drill down permission with the drop-down menus within the view, update, and delete columns. Selecting “All Records” will allow users in that role to access all records within X2CRM; selecting “Only Assigned” ensures they only have access to records they are assigned to.

Manage Roles allows you to create and supervise the types of roles you want to classify your staff as, e.g. sales reps, executives, or customer service agents.

  • Within the Manage Roles tool, you’ll be able to add permissions on a field type level, so that you can designate what each role has access to.

  • Simply drag-and-drop the users, view permissions fields, and the edit permissions fields from the right hand list to the left column.

  • Groups link takes you to the Groups tab of the the main X2CRM page. You can set which users of your X2CRM system fall into which role type and also create new groups and add users to those groups.

The View User Changelog utility allows you to see an overview of all changes made to the data within X2CRM.

  • Easily view a log of which records have been updated, deleted, or created.

  • The columns are all searchable. The blank white cells below each column heading, highlighted in blue, are text fields. Enter some text in the box and X2CRM will display a list of all records matching that field.

  • If the record is viewable, an option linking you to the record will appear in the first column, highlighted in orange.

User View History provides a log of the record pages your users have visited in X2CRM.

  • It displays pertinent information like the activity’s timestamp, the record type, a link to the record page, and who was active on that page.

  • The column titles, highlighted in the pink box, are all sortable. Click on the grey column title to filter and sort by that criteria.

  • Use the Clear View History button, to erase the record of user activity.

  • Individual activity instances are not deletable. It’s all or nothing.

  • User Location History see a history of where users have been.

  • Manage Sessions allows you to see which users are actively on your CRM system at the time. You can toggle whether they will be visible to other users on your X2CRM, or if for some reason you need to end their session, you can do that here.

  • User Login History manage X2CRM user account history, including failed and successful logins.

  • Manage User Count manage X2CRM user count. This sets the number of users that may be created.

User Interface Settings

  • Change the Application Name changes the name of the application as displayed on the page titles, such as the login screen.

  • Set a Default Theme sets a default theme which will automatically be set for all new users. This is an easy way to enforce corporate branding remains consistent across all user accounts.

  • Manage Action Publisher enable of disable tabs in the action publisher.

  • Customize the available action within the publisher so your users have access to only the most relevant functions within a record.

  • Manage Menu Items re-order, add or remove top bar links.

  • This option allows you to remove and rearrange menu items along the ubiquitous top bar menu in X2CRM, highlighted by a yellow box.

  • Drag and drop to rearrange the order of the menu items in the menu highlighted by the orange box. To remove a menu item drag it to the menu highlighted by the green box on the right. Inversely, drag a removed menu item from the green box to the orange in order to add it back to your top menu.

  • Alternatively you can use the + / – icons on the right hand side of each item.

  • Upload Your Logo upload your own logo for the top menu bar and login screen.

    • You may upload a personalized company logo if you so desire. Browse your file folders and select an image. It will be set to 30 pixels tall. After upload, it will appear in the top left corner. You may also set the logo on your login screen.

    • The Restore Default Logo buttons will return the logos to the X2CRM logo



  • Add Top Bar Link add a link to the top bar

  • Edit Global CSS edit globally-applied stylesheet

  • Mobile App Form Editor edit form layouts for X2Touch

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