X2CRM Reference Guide

Learn how to customize X2CRM so it fits your business operations and serves your customers well.

X2CRM, a leading Customer Relationship Management, Workflow and Marketing Automation platform is a powerful, customizable and easy-to-use enterprise ready solution. It has been translated into 15 languages and currently has more than 40,000 deployments worldwide.  Learn more about X2CRM’s pre-built modules covering marketing, sales, services and support, digital, social, documents, collaboration, and quotes; plus learn about how flexible it is to create modules that fit your business approach.

X2CRM is built using a single codebase, working with a single database. This ensures consistent and cohesive insight about your customers. It is designed so that it can run in a datacenter of choice, including AWS, GCC, or others.

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X2WorkFlow is a powerful, highly customizable marketing automation module that allows marketers to build preprogrammed marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors.

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The Marketing Module in X2CRM is a powerful set of tools for both outbound and inbound marketing, disseminating sales offers, and automating responses to leads. Click here for an additional overview of the X2CRM Marketing Module.

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The Leads module in X2CRM is designed to allow users to track leads separate from the Contact record but still related to Contacts and Accounts.  

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