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This 4-page PDF file explains the considerations that companies should agree upon prior to selecting a new CRM solution. These aspects are critical especially for companies that are migrating from an existing CRM solution onto a different solution.

The PDF also explains the benefits of X2CRM, the modern, enterprise ready CRM + Marketing Automation + Workflow solution. 

Other information provided in this PDF helps you:

1. understand how to calculate the entire cost of CRM solutions

2. assess the data and workflow migration before selecting a CRM solution

3. measure if the system would support your customer's journey

4. identify the maintenance costs before signing a contract

X2CRM is powerful, easy-to-use and highly customizable. We also provide migration and customization services, ensuring your company’s success and a seamless transition in a matter of weeks.

Once you complete the form, you will be redirected to the PDF. 

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