10 Tips on Marketing Automation Best Practices

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Is your company undergoing a Marketing Automation upgrade? This must-read document explains the best practices for Marketing Automation, and what your company should be designing and implementing, to enable the best customer journey. CRM and Marketing Automation is critical to scale customer interactions that are accurate and relevant. Making sure the Marketing Automation infrastructure is optimized for delivering the highest level outcomes.

Read thE 10 Tips on Marketing Automation PDF to:

  • understand more about how marketing automation helps customer journeys

  • why is marketing automation important for companies to get right

  • when should companies use marketing automation

To preview the PDF, here are a few highlighted Marketing Automation Best Practice Tips. Read the full document for detailed information about each point.

  1. Select an agile marketing automation platform with deep customer data integration. Marketing automation must access all customer data and interactions, and quickly (and easily) implement interaction changes.

  2. Map the customer lifecycle before starting any process implementation. Defining the customer journey enables better communications, monitoring and expectation setting.

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