If your company is ready to improve efficiency, increase revenue and better serve your clients, consider a comprehensive CRM evaluation process that extends beyond functionality comparison.

Before purchasing a new CRM solution, determine what is best for your company beginning with implementation and ending expected usage results. Your CRM expectations can uncover areas that impact your company’s CRM success, in terms of budget, deployment, purpose and usage, migration, customizations and maintenance.

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Comparing MailChimp and to X2CRM

X2CRM provides all of the functionality that and MailChimp provides, so migrating to X2CRM will not forego any capability. X2CRM is flexible and scalable, and is designed to work with and grow with your business — at an affordable price point. Read about how MailChimp and customers complain about how the lack of system cohesiveness reduces their customer experiences.

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Automating and Advancing Customer Journey

Automating and Advancing the Customer Journey How X2CRM reduces costs and drives sales for your company.

Discover how the award-winning X2CRM 7.0 Enterprise can advance your customer relationships. This action-packed 30 minutes will cover:

  • Common problems created by separate Marketing Automation and CRM software solutions

  • How X2CRM captures customers’ digital activity and transforms it into persuasive responses

  • How X2CRM helps businesses better automate communications, accurately

  • How X2CRM monitors activity and improves communications

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