Sales Solutions


Managing Sales

As the primary module of X2CRM, X2Sales gives you complete customer relationship management, deal opportunity tracking, quoting, invoicing, and more. The platform powers your CRM Strategy for quotes, sales, document signing, and much, much more. It aggre- gates your customer records and histories in a central database, which eliminates the boundaries and friction of multi-vendor solutions. Now you can prioritize your sales workflows according to your business processes, without regard to your software’s constraints.

“Now you can prioritize workflows to optimize business processes and accelerate sales.”

“Give your sales team more opportunities to close deals successfully.”

Specific Challenges

Conflicting Legacies

With incompatible structures and databases and legacies of growth by mergers and acquisitions, the largest vendors leave your data trapped in outdated silos. Technological and cultural challenges run rampant when they attempt to integrate with competitors. Since there are so many ways to address any given business process, perfect matches are rare in the extreme. Sales teams need flexible solutions to manage opportunities more efficiently and close deals more successfully.


Sales Solutions

X2CRM is an integrated, modular environment with a fresh approach to CRM integration. It means you don’t have to compromise on your business processes. We provide customized workflows to respond to specific business roles and triggers. Faster user onboarding, cross-training, and administration eliminate productivity losses. Long-term productivity and customer loyalty gains maximize the lifetime value of your buyers. The modular foundation of X2CRM means it can expand with you as your business grows.

“The modular foundation of X2CRM means it can expand with you as your business grows.”

“Nomad Bags adopted X2CRM because it brings sales and marketing together.”


World Market

As a small company in Western Cape South Africa, the ability to reach far overseas markets was critical to the success of Nomad Bags. The company’s ecommerce presence on Facebook is not only a sales and marketing tool, but also as an information-sharing platform about adventure biking. Nomad Bags adopted X2CRM because it brings sales and marketing together. It supports the company’s geographically-separated sales and marketing arms, and its online functionality easily and cohesively.

Who provides customer support?

Support is provided by X2Engine engineers, each of whom spends 50% or more of his/her time working in the core engineering group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer customized support and consulting service offerings?

Yes, we can design and provide customized support and service products to meet just about any requirement, including 24-7 support and large project engagements. Please contact us for more information.

Is X2 Support required?

While not necessarily required, Support is highly recommended for any production deployment as it significantly reduces risk and helps ensure success. In addition, our Support offerings are priced so reasonably that customers can essentially realize a positive return on their investment in an annual Support contract after just a couple of calls.

Can I explore X2CRM before purchasing a support or service offering?

Yes, you have a variety of options, including the X2CRM Live Demo Server (refreshes every 15 minutes), Trial Server (data persists), or by downloading X2Engine to your own servers.

What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Where can I find more X2CRM product info?

The X2CRM Reference Guide is the definitive source of feature and functionality information. The X2Engine Community is also a valuable source of product information as well as a platform through which you can communicate and collaborate with other users and X2Engine employees.

How can I contact you if I still have additional questions?

Please contact us here or by calling us at 1-408-658-6229.

Next Steps

Schedule a Live Demo

Schedule a 15-minute session with our experts and see for yourself how X2CRM can better support every type of customer interaction to enable better relationships.

Evaluate Your X2CRM

The Process Modelling Workshop prototypes X2CRM deployment to your business processes. During it, we map the modular software of X2CRM to your business model. It helps you see what the workflow looks like and how it reflects how you run your business.

X2CRM Reference Guide

X2CRM ensures consistent and cohesive insight into your customers, built using a single codebase and a single database. Learn more about X2CRM's pre-built modules covering marketing, sales, services and support, digital, social, documents, collaboration, and quotes, plus learn about how our white glove implementation molds it to fit your business approach.

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