Social intranet

X2CRM - Keeping You Connected

The rise of social media, smartphones and mobile apps has changed our expectations when it comes to consuming information and communicating with others. In short, everything must be easy and instantaneous. This continues to be the core development principle for the user-friendly Social Intranet capabilities in X2Engine.

X2CRM’s social intranet features keep you abreast of what’s happening with the people in your organization, easing communication and increasing information flow.



1. Activity Feed

With the Activity Feed you can keep an eye on everything going on in your business. You have access to all posted events in an intuitive, social network-style feed, as well as the capability to filter the information in any manner needed. You can filter the feed by user, event type, social subtype and in many other ways. In addition, with the rich text editor you can send any type of message, along with files and photos, to specific colleagues or groups of colleagues, and you can choose whether or not the message appears in the Activity Feed of other users by making the post public or private. The Activity Feed also has flexible charting capabilities so you can quickly spot trends, issues and opportunities. 

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2. Task Management

X2CRM offers an efficient Task Management interface where users can manage their assigned actions. They can easily create Actions, which they can then assign to themselves, someone else, or even a whole group of users. They can also set Alert Notifications to remind the appropriate users. Simple drop down menu filters allows users to see Actions of a certain type or for a specific time period.



3. Team Calendar

 Having your entire organization centralized on X2CRM’s flexible calendar module increases employee visibility and productivity. Users can easily schedule any type of event for individuals or groups, and set priority, reminders and a myriad other options. Users can also synchronize with Google Calendars.



4. Documents

X2CRM includes a rich text editing tool and document management system where you can create generic documents, email templates, quotes, as well as upload any other type of file you might want. For each document you can choose options such as whether it should be visible to other users and the permissions others are allowed for that document. Users who log in with their Google IDs can also see and access all their Google Drive files.



5. User Homepage

The User Homepage includes profile information for each user, as well as their personal feed. The personal feed might have personal notes or private communications which don’t need to be in the organizational Activity Feed. From their homepage users also have the capability to change personal settings in order to customize the look-and-feel of X2CRM for only that user. For example, users can select custom themes, colors, background images and system sounds, and they can even upload their own images and sounds and create their own themes.



X2CRM - The Pulse of Your Organization

X2CRM’s intuitive Social Intranet capabilities enable users to instantly and efficiently see and interact with people, information and documents as they need. Ultimately this makes them more productive, and focused on effectively selling and servicing customers.