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Benefits you can expect from attending this class

  • Learn from an X2CRM certified professional, who can show you how to improve your business, and how X2CRM fits into that. 
  • Cuz we're amazing. 
  • Attend our seminar anywhere via a live feed
  • If it's pasture your bedtime, watch it at your convenience with a link to the video 


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Date: 09/15/2018

Topic: Terrible Cow Jokes

Location: Out-standing in the field

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We look forward to seeing you at the {seminar}! 

Look forward to seeing topics such as:

  • {presenter} will tell us why cows have hooves, because they lactose. 
  • {Presenter 2} will tell us how moving a cow with no legs is just udder destruction
  • Also learn the cow's favorite past time, the moovies, and how to profit off this
  • Why cows have bells, hint: it has to do with their horns not working!
This would be the seminar logo/image

This would be the seminar logo/image