With X2CRM, you get all of the functionality that Salesforce offers for a fraction of the price. On average, we save customers up to 70%.

Like Facebook, the most popular people interaction database in the world, our software is developed in a single database using PHP and MySQL, similar to many major tech industry leaders. Our entire application and all of its features are centralized and seamlessly integrated with one another for maximum efficiency.

We designed X2CRM to deploy seamlessly on AWS and GCC. Customers can totally manage their own private instance using the tools provided by AWS and GCC to gain the benefits of public clouds with the performance and security of a private cloud. Our multiple deployment options ensures that you can choose to use X2CRM in whatever environment or price range works best with your business needs.


If you’re looking for CRM + Marketing Automation from Salesforce you’re going to have to buy three distinct products built on different architectures: Salesforce CRM, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud. These three products are written in different languages, use different databases, and have limited integration points, forcing you to have three versions of company and contact tables, like accounts, contacts, and leads, in each of the databases.

Why didn’t Salesforce just include the functionality of Pardot and Marketing Cloud into their code base? That’s because Salesforce was founded in the last century (Feb. 1999) and uses their own proprietary cloud platform to run the CRM application. Their architecture is now almost 20 years old and it is very difficult to build-in more functionality.



Why Choose X2CRM?

X2CRM offers all the functionality of Salesforce CRM, Paradot, and Marketing Cloud for a fraction of the cost. Unlike Salesforce, our software runs on a single database, is written in a common language, and is designed to work together on a variety of deployment options to work best with your business needs.


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Seamless Design

Our technology aligns with open industry standards to ensure that every layer of X2CRM is fully integrated. X2CRM is built using the PHP programming language, the world’s most popular SQL database, and both Amazon and Google’s cloud database engines. We focused on using a singular architecture to create an application that is very easy to use while being extremely scalable and secure.

Unlike Salesforce, X2CRM is available through three different deployment options: virtual private cloud, dedicated private cloud, and on-premise.


Cost Savings

Our solution is significantly less expensive than Salesforce because it’s designed to be an all-in-one solution. No need to pay for separate solutions which are cobbled together.

No more hiring Salesforce “experts” or third-parties to set-up or modify your CRM platform to fit your needs. It’s so easy to customize the platform to reflect your specific industry and business needs – we can do it for you or show you how.

On average, our customers save more than 50% when they migrate from Salesforce to X2CRM.

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Functionality & Usability

X2CRM can accomplish everything Salesforce offers within a single application. Your marketing, sales, and service departments can effectively optimize business processes, automate workflows, and manage your all of your contacts. All of the functionality your business needs to run is powered by a single application. Because of X2CRM’s intuitive design, most configurations don’t require any coding, so you can personalize X2CRM for your needs in literally seconds.

Unlike Salesforce, we help migrate you from your existing solution and ensure that you’re up and running within 3-4 weeks.




X2Engine recognized the need for a streamlined, modern and transparent approach to CRM. X2CRM delivers an enterprise CRM and marketing automation and workflow engine in a single platform that’s powerful, compact, highly customizable and easy to use. Unlike other solutions, our platform is built on a unified code base that includes sales, marketing, and customer service modules. This all-in-one approach, combined with a variety of deployment options, provides companies with unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Since our inception, X2Engine has been powered by a veteran team of software engineers, architects and CRM professionals in Santa Cruz, California. Today, X2CRM has more than 40,000 installations in more 15 languages worldwide.