salesforce vs x2crm

CRM and Marketing Automation for all your business needs

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With X2CRM, you get all of the functionality that Salesforce offers for a fraction of the price. On average, we save customers up to 70%.

Unlike Salesforce, X2CRM is an all-in-one solution for nearly any business. X2CRM is extremely flexible and scalable, meaning it can easily be molded to fit with your specific business needs. Customize the platform to work seamlessly with your specific requirements, ranging from lead routing and role editing permissions to contact forms fields and sales process funnels. With our automation engine, X2Workflow, your business can automate nearly every capability within X2CRM to handle anyone from a new web lead to your existing customers. X2CRM is designed to be extremely intuitive, so that your business can adopt X2CRM much faster than Salesforce and see a return on your investment in a fraction of the time and cost.

X2CRM is designed to work with and grow with your business.



As the status-quo of CRMs available on the market, Salesforce dupes many businesses into thinking it is the best solution available today. However, once you look into what Salesforce actually offers, it’s obvious that it simply falls flat.

“Too expensive”, “difficult to learn”, and “not user friendly” are just a few of the many complaints that Salesforce customers have once they get locked into a 3-year contract. Salesforce’s costs can quickly add up – user count, storage, specific features, and even customer support are all additional costs. If you’re looking for CRM + Marketing Automation from Salesforce you’re going to have to buy three distinct products: Salesforce CRM, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce may be a good solution for corporations who have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at CRM implementation services, but for business like yours, you’ll need a solution that is affordable, easy to implement, all inclusive, and customizable for your business needs.


Why Choose X2CRM?

1. X2CRM offers all the functionality of Salesforce for a fraction of the cost.
2. Unlike Salesforce, X2CRM is very flexible and highly customizable.
3. X2CRM makes your business go faster – even from day 1.


Cost Savings

Our solution is significantly less expensive than Salesforce because it’s designed to be an all-in-one solution. No need to pay for separate solutions which are cobbled together.

No more hiring Salesforce “experts” or third-parties to set-up or modify your CRM platform to fit your needs. It’s so easy to customize X2CRM platform to reflect your specific industry and business needs – we can do it for you or show you how.

On average, our customers save more than 50% when they migrate from Salesforce to X2CRM.

Customizations & Flexibility

With X2CRM, you can customize nearly any aspect of the interface – add custom fields, create industry-specific modules, easily modify the color scheme and dashboard, and much more.

Easily create custom templates, internal process funnels, or marketing initiatives so that your entire business can provide your customers a unified, yet personalized, experience, no matter what stage of the sales cycle they’re in.

All of these customizations to fit your business needs can be done within X2CRM itself – no coding required!


Unlike Salesforce, our customers adopt X2CRM in only weeks, rather than months. Even from day one, X2CRM provides a tremendous amount of functionality so your employees can immediately begin to increase business operations and lead generation.

With X2Workflow, your business can automate many manual processes and marketing flows. Your employees can focus on creative sales and marketing initiatives instead of tedious and repetitive administrative tasks.

Your business can get started and fully utilize our entire platform in a fraction of the time as with Salesforce.



X2CRM is Marketing Automation + CRM.

At the heart of X2CRM is X2Workflow, a powerful visual workflow automation engine. X2Workflow is a fluid system that empowers your business to personalize its operations based on real-time triggers and social intelligence. It is aware of nearly every action within X2CRM, which makes it a powerful tool not only for marketing automation, but to maximize the effectiveness of your sales, service teams, and even internal processes. With X2Workflow, you can transform your business into a 24/7 operation without any additional costs or employees.



Customize X2CRM to Fit Your Exact Needs.

Our all-in-one platform means that users can find everything they need on a single screen – no more switching between windows or applications! Handle everything from your calendar and email inboxes to lead generation and service cases, all without ever leaving X2CRM. X2CRM is also extremely customizable. Our in-app design studio offers users nearly unlimited ways to personalize X2CRM to fit your business needs. Create custom fields, modules, and even themes with our drag-and-drop interface. With X2CRM’s open source edition, you can take customizations a step further by making specific, code-level modifications to develop the specific platform you need.



Join the community of 40,000+ deployments in 160+ countries around the world who have taken control of their business with X2CRM. Since we started in 2011, X2Engine has developed more than 40 releases to include features specifically requested by X2CRM users.