Sometimes things need fixing. Support cases are the instances of support and assistance that you and your company might be involved in with your clients. Our built-in service module is the perfect platform for your teams to manage service cases to keep your existing customers satisfied.

X2Support Contents

Support Case List View

Create Case

Create Service Web Forms


Support Case List View

  • The initial service screen displays a listing of All Cases, active and inactive. You can quickly filter out the inactive cases from your screen by unchecking the “closed” options in the “filter by status” menu, highlighted in the blue box. These are fast criteria for you to sort out service cases.

  • You can add new columns via the columns button, highlighted in purple. Check off the columns you want to see and uncheck those you don’t. The columns are also sortable if you click on their title.

  • Quickly reset the filters to their original state with the clear filter button, highlighted in green.

  • The impact column, highlighted in orange, displays a description of the severity of the service case. The impact scale is a 1 – 4 scale with 1 being the most severe. Though, like most things in X2CRM, this is customizable and editable within the admin tab. You and your service team can use this system to prioritize cases.



Create Case

  • Initiate a new service claim with the Create Case option. The case basics, highlighted in red, include information about the service case, including the case contact. Start typing a contact’s name and auto suggestions will begin appearing. Alternatively if the claim is from a new contact, you can click the green plus next to the field to add a new contact.

  • Other information includes the origin of the claim (e.g. web, phone request, etc.), current status, severity, whether it is a subcase of a previous claim, and the service representative it is assigned to. The case details contain dropdown menus with basic case classifications, like whether it is hardware related, for instance.

  • Enter a subject and a description. Enter case updates, highlighted in blue, describing the next action phase of service. This is also updatable later on from the case detail view.



Create Service Web Forms

  • The Create Web Form module allows you to quickly and easily create a custom online service request form with no coding required.

  • The settings, highlighted in green, allow you the visual customization necessary to integrate a streamlined web form into the theme of your site. Automatically add tags that will become associated with all the cases created via the web form.

  • Customize the form. The red box in the middle of the page highlights the visual modification system. Drag and drop field items from the field menu. You can sort and rearrange the form options with simple mouse dragging. Set whether the field is required and its placement in the form. Preview the form and make sure its up to your standards.

  • Shown in the blue box, you may also quickly name and save the form template for further future customization and usage within different contexts.

  • Finally, grab the embed code, shown in the purple box, to copy and past it into your website.


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