Process workflows breakdown business processes into successive stages. Use the X2Process workflow to manage and keep track of your sales, marketing, and even internal business processes. Easily develop custom sales and funnel processes to incorporate your unique methodologies into X2CRM.

X2Process Contents

List View - All Processes

Create Process

Process Detail View


List View - All Processes

  • See an overview of All Processes. Processes are grouped by categories. For example, processes can be used as a measure of the status of a sales relationship with a client. They can also be used to document the progress of a new employee, from ‘resume received’ to ‘schedule training’. Processes are highly customizable and can therefore be used in a number of different contexts involving staged progression.



Create Process

  • Create a new process. Enter a name. Enter the process stages. 1 is the minimum amount. To create additional stages click the blue [Add] link near the bottom of the workflow window, highlighted in the red box.

  • For each process stage, enter the information fields for name, prerequisite stages, role assignments, and whether comments are available.

  • Click on the X icon in the top right corner of each process stage to delete it. Additionally, stages can be reordered via drag and drop.

  • Decide whether to set this process as default for which modules by clicking the box near the top of the page, highlighted in green. Also decide if Financial Data is to be shown, choose the module to be used and what Field. Once the process is completed, click the create button at the bottom.



Process Detail View

Process Funnel View

The process funnel diagram, highlighted in the blue circle, indicates the total number of people that are in each stage. Click on any stage to view a list of those people.

  • Set a custom date range or select a preexisting one from the drop down menu

  • Click on the options on the left hand column menu to manage processes. Edit or Delete Processes you are currently viewing.

  • Users will be using the process that administrators create to keep track of each contact and manage their sales workflow.

  • View the process associated with a contact on their page.

Process Pipeline View

  • The process pipeline view shows a visual forecast of all stages within your company.

  • Easily drag and drop contacts or deals to any stage within the process

  • Anyone from sales representatives to executives can see all business deals and easily make ad-hoc changes.


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