X2Opportunities are sales leads that have have met the company’s criteria that they are legitimate sales opportunities. An Opportunity typically is associated with an Account but it also could be associated with a Contact. You can search through Opportunities based on matching criteria just like the other Modules.

Opportunities List View

This page highlights the sales leads that have established themselves as legitimate opportunities. The opportunities page contains a list of those accounts and some options for updating them.
  • The Grid List view lists a broad but detailed overview of your sales team’s opportunities. Add sortable columns via the box highlighted in green. Filters can also be set from the button highlighted in orange.

  • For a detailed explanation of sorting the Grid View, jump to the Contact Grid View section of the Reference Guide.

  • The cyan box is highlighting the Probability column. This value is set by your sales team and denotes the likelihood of converting the opportunity into a sale and closing the deal.



Opportunity Detail View

  • The Opportunity detail overview screen displays information about a sales opportunity, including contact info, creation and expected close dates, quote amount, relationships, and much more.

  • Use the options menu on the left hand column, highlighted in the red box, to manage opportunity information. You can preform a wide variety of tasks, such as edit opportunity to update data, share opportunity to send the opportunity information to a colleague, attach a file or photo to the opportunity profile, view/update/create a quote/invoice, import an opportunity, export an opportunity,
    and print the record.

  • View the Process Stages and any other action taken with the opportunity conveniently right on the details page, highlighted in the green box. The previously completed action (in this opportunity it’s a completed process stage) are listed sequentially below that, detailing which actions have been completed, when those stages were completed, and who completed them.



Create Opportunity and Quick Create

  • The Create opportunity ac allows you to initiate a new sales opportunity within your CRM system. The creation of a new sales opportunity typically entails a preexisting contact, as well as a preexisting sales account for that contact. If you would like to establish an entirely new entity all at once, this can be done with the Quick Create option.

  • The Quick Create option contains the create opportunity module in its entirety as it exists in isolation (highlighted in green). In addition to that, it also contains the create contact module (highlighted in orange) as well as the create account module (highlighted in blue) – all on one page. This is the fastest, easiest way to introduce a completely new sales opportunity in your CRM system. In one go you can enter the information for an entirely new contact as well as enter the information for that new contact’s sales account and that new contact’s business opportunity.

Phillip Kershow