Modules are the core unit of how X2CRM presents data to the user and organizes functionality, such as Marketing, Contacts, Action and so on. Each Module will be displayed in the middle of the screen with the same static left and right columns as in the Dashboard. A Module view works the same no matter what Module the user has chosen.


Module Grid View

When clicking on a module, such as contacts, accounts or marketing, all of your records will typically be listed in a grid view. There are several ways to organize the data:

  • To sort a Column – click on the name of the column and it will sort in ascending order. Click again and it will sort by descending order.

  • Filter a Column – In the blank cell between the name of the column and the data you can filter the contents of that column by entering what you want to find. For example, you know the Contact’s first name is Sam but that is all you know. Type Sam in the blank cell below Name and click Enter. The system will show any entry that includes “sam” somewhere in the name. You can narrow the search with more specific data.

  • Mass Insertions or Deletions – You can perform actions against multiple records at a time. To choose the records you wish to effect, click on the box at the far left for each record. To choose the entire page of records click on the box at the very top of the column. A message will appear at the top asking if you want to select the records on all pages “click here” and all boxes will be chosen. Once any record is chosen a More button appears in the Title Row. You can perform one of these actions to the entries that have been chosen:

    • Add action

    • Add note

    • Add relationships

    • Add selected to list (Must be a Static list)

    • Execute macro

    • Log call

    • Log time

    • Merge selected

    • New list from selected (Will create a Static list)

    • Remove tags

    • Update fields of selected

  • This can also be used to delete multiple records at a time by clicking on the “trash can” icon.

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