Your X2CRM users can be organized in groups. Groups are useful for a number of purposes. In some ways they operate like a type of list, allowing you to quickly assign a new sales lead to a group of sales reps for example. Groups is a classification system which makes it easier for your team to handle business.


Create Group

  • You may want numerous types of groups for your team members. For instance, you might want to be able to group your sales reps, customer service staff, or accountants. Or perhaps you want to create some heretofore undiscovered group type. Luckily, creating a new group in X2CRM is quite easy. Simply enter a group name and populate the list with team members. You can click the + / – icons or simply drag and drop the appropriate users. You can also update this list later via the group detail view page.

Groups make it easy to assign specific tasks, calendar events or even individual records to an entire team of people without having to manually assign them one-by-one.

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