Activity Feed

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is an intracompany timeline that’s displayed on the Dashboard as soon as you log in and displayed in the far-right column when you access another module. The Activity Feed acts as a hub for all the activities your users or workflows have completed. It’s composed of notifications, social posts or location check-ins.

Activity Feed Contents

Activity Feed - Dashboard

Activity Feed - Widget

Activity Module

The Activity Feed is a very versatile and powerful communication platform within X2CRM. Aside from the notifications that broadcast within the Activity Feed, it can also act as an social hub for your business. Users can chat to each other through both public and private messages, location check-ins, and social posts. Important business announcements can also be pinned to the top of the activity feed, so that they area always visible to users.

Activity Feed- Dashboard

  • The Activity Feed is visible as soon as you log in on the Dashboard, highlighted in blue. As with all the widgets in the Dashboard it may be moved anywhere within the middle two columns by simply dragging and dropping where you want it.

  • Filters for the Activity Feed are highlighted in green. You may choose which users may see it and what activities should be displayed. Filters enable users to quickly find and see the post types that are most relevant to them.

  • Many workflows have the option to automatically post updates or completion to your workflow automations on the activity feed.



Activity Feed - Widget

  • The Activity Feed is available as a widget in the right column, where it resides when viewing modules other than the Dashboard. This is highlighted in red.

  • With the Activity Feed widget, you’ll always be able to keep track of important conversations or notification within your business, even if you’re away from the dashboard.



Activity Module

  • The activity feed is also visible within its own module, named “Activity”.

  • Within the Activity module, you can see a full screen view of all the same activity notifications that would normally appear within the Dashboard

  • Like the Dashboard, the Activity module has a full set of filters that helps users navigate the activity feed to show only specific updates meeting specific criteria. The filters, highlighted in green, are triggered by clicking on the funnel icon, highlighted in red.

  • You can set the view to be public or private. You can choose which users can view the feed. You can choose which options to show and what social subtypes to display. All of these options are chosen via the drop down menus next to each setting. Once selected click on Apply Filters to activate. Unselect All will set all filters to off.

  • Create Report allows you to create a report based on the filters you have applied. You may give the report a name and choose a date range for the report. This will setup a report which will be emailed to you periodically.


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