Workflow & Process Tools

  • X2Workflow takes you to the workflow module which shows a list of current workflows. Click here for more on X2Flow.
  • Manage Sales and Service Processes  takes you to the Process module within the main X2CRM system. Here you can view and edit current Processes and create new ones.

  • Process Settings takes you to a screen that sets the permissions for modifying processes within a certain time frame.
    • The Process Backdate Window, highlighted in red, is the amount of time after the creation of a process that users have to backdate the process. Backdating is creating and completing process stages on dates that are earlier than the current one.
    • The Process Backdate Range, highlighted in green, is the range of time that users are able to backdate processes within. This screen shows a process backdate range of one year. Therefore, a user can go to a process and create or complete a stage up to one year prior to the time that they are editing it. See the contact process section for more information on completing processes.

  • The Manage Notification Criteria option will bring you to a system that creates filters for notifications. Here you can set triggers for notifying your users of certain events.
    • The model type that you select will choose the module that supplies the data for the trigger events. Choose a field from within the model from the drop down menu highlighted in the blue box.
    • The comparison operator and model value fields allow you to choose how you want to evaluate the data in that field.
    • Choose the users to notify from the drop down menu highlighted in green.
    • Select the notification type. You can create an action for the user, change the assignment of the record to the specified user, or simply send them a basic notification within X2CRM.
    • View already created event filters in the area highlighted in the orange box. The notification criteria highlighted here contain rules that feature the three different types of notifications.
  • This sort of notification filter can be done easily in this module but can also be handled by X2Flow, with even more customizability.

  • X2Workflow Settings configuration options for X2Flow.  Allows you to set the maximum number of trigger logs.
  • Import Workflow links to the X2Flow import workflow option within X2Flow. Click here for more on X2Flow.
Phillip Kershow