X2CRM on Constellation Research Q1 2019 B2B Marketing Automation ShortList


Constellation Research recently released its B2B Marketing Automation ShortList, to which X2CRM is named.

According to Constellation, “Increasingly, B2B marketers must more closely integrate marketing activities and relationships with sales. The biggest sticking points are the transition from marketing qualified lead to sales accepted lead and coordination and consistency between marketing databases and sales or account databases. While all major marketing automation vendors recognize this issue, some have come to the market with systems designed from the ground up to deliver this consistency. That’s the main reason X2CRM has been added to this list. X2CRM’s solution uses the same data across marketing, sales and customer service. It also provides the flexibility to define data models adapted to less conventional business structures, such as franchises and B2B2C.”

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Kathy Eckel