X2CRM Exceeds Business Requirements for Configuration CapabiLities

X2Process, X2WorkFlow Modules highlighted as satisfying customer expectations, saving businesses time and money.

X2Engine is revolutionizing a software industry that has become ineffective due to old proprietary coding options, inferior data management practices and outdated Cloud infrastructure.

New X2CRM customers appreciate the cohesive platform and the ability to modify every aspect of the solution. X2CRM customers have built new modules, complete process-based workflows, and process reports that transcend every aspect of X2's deployment – without writing any code.

Cohesive Workflow for a Better Customer Experience

X2CRM's X2Process and X2WorkFlow link and formulate all objects and modules to satisfy any business need — from customer engagement tracking to monitoring marketing efforts. Companies powered by X2CRM can design an exceptional customer experience in less time, and avoid lengthy and expensive internal processes and complex data integrations by using X2Process and X2WorkFlow.

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"Our company used Salesforce.com for 6 years. We tried four different implementation partners to customize Salesforce to follow our business process. None completely succeeded. When we switched to X2CRM, the X2 team completed the previous customizations in 6 weeks, and now we have a CRM system that models exactly how we operate our business. We saved $250,000 by implementing X2CRM and replacing Salesforce.com."
- Ray Titus, CEO United Franchise Group

"We manufacture adventure motorbike soft bags and have been struggling to get in control of sales, leads and orders. After implementing X2CRM, it was set it up to receive online orders, which we can process in the factory, without ever talking directly to customers. X2Process and X2WorkFlow expand the CRM capability into a fully automated ERP system. Amazing platform X2CRM is! Would happily endorse it."
—Peter King, Owner, Nomad Bags

 "X2CRM was customized and implemented as our Franchise Management System. We received proper training, support and continuous modifications that truly add value to our business."
—Danie Jacobs, Managing Director, Young Entrepreneurs

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