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X2CRM is a free, open source CRM software. X2CRM offers a full and powerful customer relationship management application, freely sharing the open source code through a git repository for everyone to utilize and customize. X2CRM is a pure open source CRM application including a visual workflow designer, marketing campaigns and sales force pipeline management, service cases, custom & vertical modules, web and email client & open email tracking, enterprise level user security, large database scale-ability, Android and iOS apps and more.


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The Open Source edition of X2CRM can be downloaded directly onto your own webserver. X2CRM is a php application written in the yii framework and employs a mySQL database. It is recommended that you be familiar with these terms and how to interact with them before attempting to install X2CRM on your own. If you are new to working with a web server\, it is recommended that you first try installing via an automatic full-stack installer that will set up a self-contained web server environment for you.

X2Engine’s Open Source CRM can be automatically deployed in cloud versions via Bitnami. Bitnami extends stack appliances to run in a cloud computing environment, a great way to deploy X2Engine open source crm. Your Open Source CRM instance can be hosted on the cloud platforms of Bitnami’s serversMicrosoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Aside from installingX2CRM Open Source CRM on your own web server, another advanced option is running X2Engine in a virtual machine. Bitnami’s virtual machine images contain a minimal Linux operating system and a fully configured Bitnami application stack. In order to run these virtual machine images, you will need a virtual machine monitor(VMM), also known as a hypervisor, such as VMware or VirtualBox. For this reason\, this method is only recommended for system administrators and advanced users.



X2CRM Open Source CRM History

X2CRM is PHP software built on the modern Yii framework, an open source web application development framework that “promotes rapid development”. As such, the code base is constantly developing and being improved upon. The app has grown to include the sales force automation and marketing automation of X2CRM, the full intelligence system operating on X2CRM. The X2CRM is designed as an open source customer relationship management (X2CRM) with advanced browser fingerprinting web tracking, website listeners, email tracking, customer sales and service, marketing automation, and more, tying directly into your website to drive commerce and increase sales efficiency. Of course, the open source X2CRM project is a robust customer relationship management application in its own right, even without the holistic X2CRM system driving your business. The open source CRM software is a free tool developed and offered by X2Engine for small businesses. As these businesses grow, and the requirements for their web commerce and CRM system become greater, X2CRM can seamlessly grow with them.

The X2CRM open source CRM project began in early 2011 as X2CRM & X2Contacts. The software spent months in pure development stages, finally emerging from stealth mode to release a beta in October of 2011, followed by a full 1.0 release of X2CRM in 2012 and now X2CRM 6.0.4 in August 2017.