MakE the Move to X2CRM from HUBSPOT and

If you are currently using HubSpot and Salesforce, you are likely suffering from a lack of cohesive data sharing between HubSpot and, causing a frustrating breakdown of your marketing engagement, customer journey and real-time communications. Additionally, you are paying the extremely high costs of licensing, supporting, maintaining and customizing two separate systems. 


Why Switch to X2CRM?

X2CRM offers all the functionality of a Marketing Automation and a Salesforce Automation package at a fraction of the cost. Additionally X2CRM is flexible and highly customizable, allowing you to engage in superior data sharing and customer management, making marketing automation fully integrated to help ensure success.

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At the heart of X2CRM are the Marketing Automation and Workflow Engine plus eight modules that bring your business powerful tools for seamless marketing automation and also will efficiently maximize your sales, service and internal processes. 

X2CRM is built as a comprehensive suite that is easily customized, and built on a single engine and data structure so you will no longer need to work with or pay for two applications from two different companies, and navigate disparate platforms and customer data. 

Migrate to X2CRM with Ease

When making the decision to move to X2CRM, our white glove migration service automates the conversion of data, workflows, customizations and user experience from legacy CRMs, such as HubSpot and As part of our deployment and migration services, you receive: 

  • Data migration

  • User security migration

  • Salesforce custom fields/module migration

As a special offer because we are so confident in our service, the next two HubSpot and replacements purchasing an annual X2CRM subscription will receive our white glove migration services free (a $5,000 value)




Comparing HubSpot and Deployments to a single X2CRM Deployment


"Make the Move to X2CRM from and HubSpot"

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This PDF shares how existing HubSpot and customers are frustrated with relying on two separate SaaS solutions to handle Marketing Automation and Sales Force Automation.

It also walks through how customers who have switched to X2CRM have saved 50% or more in licensing, customization and maintenance fees.



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ABOUT X2CRM/X2Engine, Inc. 


X2Engine, Inc. is the developer of the seamless enterprise CRM, workflow and marketing automation platform, X2CRM. The company was launched in 2011 and is now one of the fastest growing CRM companies with more than 40,000 deployments worldwide. 

X2Engine, Inc. is client oriented, and its team members work together to do what's needed to make customers successful. The company is revolutionizing a software industry that has become ineffective due to poor coding and inferior data sharing practices.

X2Engine, Inc. offers “white-glove” customer service and support that begins with an unrestricted evaluation trial, data-migrations assistance, on-boarding and training — all of which allow customers complete control over system deployment, customizations, security and data optimization.