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X2CRM includes more than eight different modules, and all are powered by Marketing Automation, Reporting and WorkFlow. Used individually or combined, these modules will propel your business forward.

X2CRM's Unified Design delivers powerful tools within every pre-made, customized or created MODULE.

6 minute preview of how companies can improve customer experience when implementing X2CRM Enterprise 7.0 as a company-wide solution.

Learn more about the common components that every module is commanded by.

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X2CRM ensures the most user-friendly method for automating tasks. X2WorkFlow is simple, fast and straightforward, only requiring a simple drag "Action" to a respective "Trigger". The required fields are then filled in and ready to use. Just about any task can be automated from managing records and contacts, handling campaigns, tracking locations and much more. 


Every company has different security and accessibility rules, and team performance and customer trust depend on proper roles and administration implemented on data and interactions. X2CRM has the most robust level of accessibility and control with user, team, role type security, plus field, module and workflow accessibility.


Many employees, especially those out in the field need access to accurate, real-time data concerning their customers. X2Touch is the mobile version of X2CRM's desktop client. Users can view contact data and user lists quickly and seamlessly. Users will also have the option of utilizing the full app on mobile devices. The menus and screens of the responsive UI are well adapted to a small screen format.


Connect your CRM to a world of external applications and interfaces using the robust X2REST-ful API. This second generation HTTP-based API can help you seamlessly integrate with your existing software and third-party frameworks. Create, modify and delete records directly through API commands. Work with associated actions or enact process stages. Connect to Zapier, Google, Twitter and more. Make remote API calls in X2Flow automation sequences and automate your integration.

The X2 Hub Cloud Connector provides a "one-stop" connection service for Gmail synchronization, Calendar Sync, SMS two-factor authentication, interaction location detection, advanced Google mapping and additional social network work and data enrichment services — all designed to make sure you stay connected and up-to-date with ease. 


X2CRM considers marketing automation an essential component to customer engagement and advancing your customer's journey. X2Marketing Automation is integrated within every module, and can be triggered from any module, any type of customer activity, or any sort of campaign or initiative.


X2CRM provides a deep level of reports and insights providing a 360-degree view of the customer. Management can understand marketing, sales and support performance, while professionals can see how their activities are influencing customers in live activity feeds, alerts and dashboards.


The administration panel offers a wide array of managerial and supervisory abilities, tools and utilities, all of which regulate the details of X2CRM. Admins can maintain organization standards and best practices, which in turn maximizes productivity. Administrators also have the flexibility to customize and extend X2CRM through X2Studio, an intuitive development tool. 

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X2CRM empowers your company with a combined CRM + Workflow + Marketing Automation solution.


USE X2PROCESS and X2WORKFLOW to power every CRM module, object and interaction.

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Imagine how you can better scale your customer interactions if EVERY MODULE and EVERY DATA OBJECT could get customized and automatic interactions that are monitored and reported with X2PROCESS. Then, at every stage and criteria, you can set-up custom triggers and actions with X2WORKFLOW. It’s a universal workflow engine and progress report that focuses on what your business needs to accomplish.


X2CRM covers the entire customer journey from marketing to sales, commerce to support.

Built to handle any type of customer interaction and relationship management, either in-person or digitally, X2CRM can optimize your relationships with these eight out-of-the-box modules.




X2CRM considers marketing to be an essential component of customer relationships, and purposefully designed X2CRM with integrated, highly useable marketing capabilities which can be effectively implemented and utilized by anyone in your organization. X2Marketing manages and optimizes campaigns, by offering:

  • Web lead capture forms

  • Lead scoring and lead routing

  • Website activity tracking

  • Contact lead routing

  • Campaign management and performance reports

  • Targeted email campaigns

  • Behavior tagging

  • Newsletters

Businesses benefit from utilizing the X2Marketing module to strengthen their brand, increase their reach and improve their connections. Because X2Marketing works with contact information from X2CRM's centralized data source, campaigns are more accurate, information is not duplicated, and contact engagement is not outdated. X2Marketing benefits include:

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Efficiently sell and manage your customers with X2CRM's highly extendable and scalable platform. Easily configure your sales process, performance and reporting according to your company needs. X2Sales includes these functionalities and more: 

  • Full customer relationship management

  • Record relationships

  • Deal opportunity tracking

  • Sales funnel reports

  • Sales process pipeline

  • Email correspondence manager

  • Quoting and invoicing

  • Contact interaction history

  • Alerts and notifications

By relying upon X2Sales for sales management, your company's revenue and sales performance will excel. X2Sales shows your opportunity pipeline, systemizes opportunity growth, improves prospect relationships, and avoids deals from falling through the cracks. X2Sales benefits include:



X2CRM's built-in service module is perfect for teams to manage support and service cases to keep existing customers satisfied. The X2Support module includes the following functionality and more:

  • Case management, assignment, reporting

  • Automated case creation

  • Create service case web forms

By relying upon X2Support for customer services and support, your company improves customer experiences ultimately improving customer loyalty. By combining a range of customer success tools such as knowledge base, tickets, escalation, satisfaction surveys, automated messages and reports, support assignment,  X2Support benefits cover:



Digital fingerprints tell more about your customer's intentions than their words. X2CRM understands the significance of accurate, real-time online activity tracking and leverage it to create a highly relevant experience. X2Digital modules packages these helpful functionalities that easily incorporate into your company's online presence.

  • Web lead capture forms

  • Custom web content

  • Location service tracking and actions

  • Website activity tracking

  • Check-in posts

X2Digital streamlines the digital experience, manages experience performance, and personalizes digital interactions so that your business delivers a cohesive, non-repetitive experience. Companies experience the following benefits from X2Digital:



At the heart of sales is product pricing and client quote and invoice management. X2CRM recognizes the importance of a centralized product pricing, quote and invoice system, and has built a state-of-the-art X2Quotes module. The functionalities often used in the quotes include:

  • Product tracking (inventory, cost, shipping)

  • Quote generation

  • Invoice creation

  • Quote reports

  • Account and product correlation reports

By structuring and standardizing the quotes and proposal process, mistakes are eliminated and opportunities are expedited as the offering is assured and accurate. For businesses who have a high volume of proposals, advantages by using X2Quotes are:



Customer engagements can occur across any channel, such as an in-person meeting, over the phone, chat, email or through social media channels. Supporting social channels in addition to traditional communication channels give your customers more options to work with your company, and in turn your company gains better marketing insight. X2Social module allows your company to:

  • Message and track customers by their social channels

  • Collect data about their conversations with your company

  • Connect your customers with the right groups within your organization based upon the message, such as support, sales, or marketing.

X2Social benefits organizations who want real-time insight about their brand strength, connection and loyalty. That includes:

X2CRM delivers social media to eCommerce solution

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Read this 4-page case study to delve into the features and services X2CRM brought to Nomad Bike Bags enabling them to create a fully realized sales to fulfillment system, leveraging social media platforms, chat, SMS texting and more.



X2CRM provides an internal team creative space where employees can work on projects together, stay up-to-date with contact interactions, brainstorm on deals and other activities. X2Collaborate improves communication and increases information flow. Making your company more efficient is the purpose behind X2Collaborate. Popular X2Collaborate uses include the following functionality:

  • Activity feed stream

  • Task management

  • Centralized calendaring

  • Email correspondence manager

By increasing efficiencies and pooling of talent and strengths, X2Collaboration benefits companies in several ways:



X2CRM includes a rich text editing tool and document management system where you can create generic documents, email templates, quotes, as well as upload any other type of file you might want. The X2Documents module becomes a universal tool for every X2CRM user, with X2Documents functionality including:

  • Google Drive integration

  • Email template generation

  • Document accessibility and version control

Undisputedly, document management is a pervasive way to maximize digital assets. By centralizing and versioning assets, companies experience tremendous benefits like: