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Manually Installing X2CRM Open Source CRM

X2CRM is open source CRM software designed to be installed and run on an internet web server. Refer to our X2CRM Installation Guide wiki article for up-to-date information on the installation process. Follow these basic steps to install X2CRM:

1 Download the Requirements Checker Script and run it on your web server.

2 Create a database on your server to be used by X2CRM.

3 Download a .zip file of X2CRM and upload its contents to your server:

Github | SourceForge

4 Open install.php in a web browser. Fill out the form and install!


System Requirements

X2CRM supports the following platforms and technologies:

Databases: MySQL
OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (basically anything that will run an AMP stack)
Web Servers: Apache, Nginx
Scripting Languages: PHP 5.3.2 and above

Please run our Requirements Checker script on your web server to ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements. See our X2CRM wiki article on preparing a linux server environment.



Please Note

“Download/On Premise” entails running X2CRM on your own web server. Before downloading, it is highly recommended that you run the requirements checker script on your web server to determine if it meets the minimum system requirements, and test-install the free version. Furthermore, if your installation is successful, you can upgrade from the Open Source to Professional edition without re-installing by using X2CRM’s built-in upgrade utility. For more information, refer to The X2CRM Installation Guidecontact us and/or join us on the forums to ask questions.


Have questions? Please visit our X2Community Forums to talk with fellow customers and our engineers on our forums.