Our latest case study highlights how X2CRM assisted Nomad Bike Bags with services such as connecting their Facebook page with their fulfillment and ordering service.

X2Engine. Inc. customer Smith Power Equipment, was featured in a recent case study written by Nucleus Research. The case study highlighted the fact that X2CRM was used by Smith to “modernize its quoting and lead management processes”. The study goes in-depth to outline how X2CRM help Smith Power Equipment manage all its sales, marketing and workflow processes. Read more here…


“X2CRM has generated personalized quotes where their small team processed 1,600 inbound phone calls and generated 1,100 customized and trackable quotes in a four-day period, where the demand peaked due to a national emergency. Previously, the quoting process required 30 minutes to create and distribute each quote, and now prospects receive quotes within two minutes. Additionally, the prospects are then captured and recorded into X2’s SFA, including contact and account tracking plus opportunity tracking as well. The X2CRM workflow automation allows a small team to handle unexpected volume of traffic. It’s great.”

- Robert Keir
Manager, Smith Power Equipment


“Our company used Salesforce.com for 6 years. We tried four different implementation partners to customize Salesforce to follow our business process. None completely succeeded. When we switched to X2CRM, the X2 team completed the previous customizations in 6 weeks, and now we have a CRM system that models exactly how we operate our business. We saved $250,000 by implementing X2CRM and replacing Salesforce.com.”

- Ray Titus, CEO UFG


"I work closely with the original architect of SQL Server Reporting Services, Jason Carlson, who has now founded Forerunner Software. Since our unique Mobilizer unlocks the power of SSRS across all devices and browsers and we evangelize the power and freedom of mobility we sought a web based CRM solution that would meet our needs and accommodate our integrated digital marketing strategies. I love that X2Engine has the real time activity and social feed. We use X2 for our email campaigns and to continue customer interactions when new releases of Mobilizer come available. I cannot think of anything that X2Engine hasn’t thought of. It offers absolutely everything we need and the X2Engine support team is simply fantastic.”

- Cynthia Davis, Forerunner Software Front Runner


"From our insurance broker advisor AG Global Services and our online insurance broker platform SegurosEnDirecto.com.ar, we provide comprehensive services and advice for all your insurance needs.

Our regional business is very complex and changing, in turn, it manages a lot of information so, choosing the right CRM was a big challenge. After analyzing [several CRM applications] we rapidly adopted X2Engine due to the versatility and speed it offered us. Just started in production since April 2014 in Argentina, currently we manage more than 100.000 contacts, 8.000 clients, 1.000 new prospects a day and thousands of records of custom entities. In Brazil we are planning to increase 6 times these volume.

After an easy integration of X2Engine with our PBX, we trust that our CRM will accompany us in the growth of our business we expect for the next years.”

 - Alberto Gabriel. President of AG Global Services & Seguros en Directo


"We moved from Salesforce to X2Engine. The transition went very smoothly and we couldn’t be happier. The X2Engine system is very user friendly and intuitive to use. We have a fairly complex setup with lots of workflows. The team at X2Engine have been fantastic; Nothing has been too much trouble! We’ve been able to duplicate everything we needed to maintain business as usual in a very short time, plus some improvements and at a VERY reduced cost! Thanks, X2Engine."

 - Brenda Thomson and Colin Ball, SMART Small Business Forums Australia

"We switched from Salesforce.com to X2Engine. With X2Engine’s process driven architecture we are now able to quickly capture and route leads to our agents using intelligent lead routing rules. In addition X2Engine’s fast and easy to use user interface allows our agents to quickly and efficiently correspond with our customers which has improved overall agent productivity. Lastly we have also significantly lowered our CRM costs by switching to X2Engine.”

 - Ben Hoehn, Senior CRM & Marketing Campaign Specialist, Comcourse Inc.

"We are a small manufacturing company that needed to create a central point to log quotes given to customers over the phone. A few years ago we attempted to use a CRM that was promised to be “sweet” but unfortunately it simply was too cumbersome for us to utilize. However, X2Engine is the solution that delivers as promised. Intuitive organization, decent customer support, a tech team that cares, and best of all it is slim enough to enable significant efficiency out of the box. X2Engine is not a bloated CRM app – period! Average office personnel can navigate the system and begin using it with a quick tutorial. The admin panel is intuitive and my programmer tells me that integration was clean and straightforward. If you need to capture data, find it again, and increase efficiency in your office I would recommend X2Engine.”

 - Dale Hawker, President of Everlast Rubber Mulch


"I have been very impressed with the speed of X2Engine coupled with its lead capture and sales correspondence capabilities. With X2Engine we have one system for managing all of our customer interactions and can now market and sell more effectively based on customer profiles and interests. Leads no longer get neglected, or misplaced, every sales opportunity is closely tracked and overall customer satisfaction has improved.”

 - Chris Hodgson, owner of San Jose BMW Motorcycles