X2CRM Enterprise and Open Source 7.0 Release & Q4 2018 State of Business


By David Buchanan (david@x2engine.com)

Thank you all for being patient with the X2CRM corporate team over the past few quarters. After becoming the CEO of the company in April 2018 – it was my responsibility to realign the roadmap and X2CRM internal resources to fit our growth plan.

First, the X2 open source community has been a great resource for our development efforts. More than 40,000 companies located around the world rely upon our advanced CRM, Marketing Automation and Workflow engine to power and personalize their customer interactions ultimately delivering revenue and growth.

Second, our enterprise solution wouldn’t be so strongly needed if the alternatives in the marketplace weren’t so short-sighted as to what businesses truly need.  A prominent open source CRM project was recently shut down, and other closed source SaaS alternatives are archaic and can not expand other than through technology acquisitions and API integrations.

With that, the X2CRM team designed a release schedule to encourage companies to advance how their business engages with their clients for both the X2CRM Enterprise and Open Source packages.

Announcing Version 7.0 Release

Our next release will be the X2CRM Open Source version 7.0 and will be available within the next week. The Enterprise 7.0 will be announced and made available later in October.

Marketing Automation:

Both Open Source and Enterprise versions will receive marketing automation improvements, particularly within the email automation and messaging aspect. We are integrating valuable new product features and services, along with implementing and expanding value-added functions such as easy lead to contact conversion to save your company time and money.

Along with several feature enhancements, the Enterprise version will have a massive email delivery performance upgrade, to satisfy large B2B and B2C demands. More will be announced later in October.

Expanded List Management:

In both the Open Source and Enterprise editions, X2CRM has a variety of improvements so companies can classify lists (build, save and edit) based upon leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts according to communication needs and process stages. This granular control allows automated communication progression according to X2Process stage and associated activities. Additionally, X2CRM Open Source and Enterprise now manages multiple levels of unsubscribe.

Additional Features:

Both Open Source and Enterprise will be getting additional features/ functionality including:

-       Extended social media integrations

-       Web forms can convert to lead or contacts

Additional functionalities will be included within Enterprise 7.0, covering workflow, integrations, sales reports and performance dashboards. More to come in that announcement.

X2CRM Open Source Services Provided by X2Engine:

X2Engine continues to support the open source community through available and affordable solutions.

X2Engine also offers X2CRM Open Source support for a low fee. If your X2CRM Open Source needs configuration, workflow or template support, the X2Engine staff is available for $120 USD per hour. Or, you can work with our developers to build integrations or custom code for $160 USD per hour.

If you are using Open Source to evaluate the power of X2CRM, our staff will upgrade your Open Source deployment to Enterprise for free, if you & your company want advanced functionality and high performance. Just contact us today!

When John Roberts passed the CEO torch to me, we continue to hold steady in his vision to create the best platform possible. Prior to joining X2Engine, Inc., I was COO at a platinum reseller of SalesForce.com and I know first hand the problems that SalesForce could never overcome.

X2CRM has a huge advantage in having a single application platform for the CRM and Marketing Automation applications and a single workflow engine, a single database, a single reporting environment, and a single administration tool.  

We hope the 7.0 release furthers your business relationships, and thank you for being a part of our community. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay informed of our releases throughout October.

As releases and updates are made, you will find a summary posted within the X2CRM blog. But for now, this is our plan, which our engineers work every day to achieve. If you want to receive release notification, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.