Yes I Said It


Last week as part of my new ‘get out of the factory’ focus, I had an opportunity to talk with Albert McKeon of We had a lengthy conversation where he asked me a lot of questions about my new start-up, X2Engine, and my take on CRM applications in our new post FaceBook/Twitter world. Having spent the last eighteen months quietly in our software development lab designing and coding X2CRM – a brand new, and hopefully revolutionary new sales force application – I have to admit, I was a bit rusty when asked to talk publicly about our work.

In the past I talked with senior journalists on a daily basis, and usually I was pretty good at describing with a lot of colorful adjectives why Sugar was such great CRM software. Frankly with X2Engine, all I have been thinking about these past 18 months is the design, the code and the next release. So when Albert asked me why I decided to found another open source CRM company, I just let it rip. “Because I believe today’s CRM apps are just too fat and bloated with features they slow sales people down, not speed them up.”

Perhaps not the smoothest choice of words, but speeding up sales revenue operations is exactly the point of X2Engine – why I decided to use an engine metaphor for the company. I am planning to spend this next weekend mentally changing gears so I can speak more deftly about the power of X2CRM in future articles. Thank you Albert for writing this great article.

Kathy Eckel