X2Touch and Mobile CRM

X2CRM – Fast, Compact, Agile


X2CRM is where you need it, when you need it. X2Touch is our Open Source mobile device user interface. Featuring streamlined menus, quick contacts, and tap to email, the bottom line is that with X2Touch you have the power of X2CRM in your hands anywhere & anytime.

X2Touch mobile access is a browser interface; a mobile version of your main CRM page – making it accessible from nearly any internet capable device. It’s cloud based mobile access to your business from wherever you are. X2Touch coyly displays a simplified user menu allowing for quicker, faster access to the information you’re most likely to need out in the field. Swiftly add a new contact’s phone number, instantly recall your vendor’s email address, easily find a good Korean bbq restaurant (it’s not all work out there, is it?).

Works on most every mobile device including iPhone & iPad iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phones. X2Touch enables you to respond to hot hot leads, look up addresses and contact information, real-time chat with your team, and do so much more when you’re on the move (or on the couch).


X2Touch is sales information in your pocket. 


However if you’ve got an iPad or other tablet why not have your mobile access cake and eat it too? Experience the full screen app of X2CRM even on your tablet. X2CRM is specifically designed to integrate beautifully with your iPad, allowing you the extreme, frisbee-like portability of a tablet computer all while harnessing the full capacity of our high performance CRM system.


Take your sales information with you and access it anywhere, like at a trade show, in your car, or on a speedboat. Follow up on new leads, respond to customer requests, update your sales pipeline. X2CRM for the iPad makes it easy to stay connected with your customers. And since it’s on your touchscreen tablet it’s kind of like a game – except with sales leads and invoices. 



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Kathy Eckel