X2Flow Use Case Scenario

The X2Flow module is a unique and dynamic tool from X2Engine CRM. It offers customizable automation for common actions in your day to day business routine, ensuring that your standardized practices and protocols are followed and allowing your sales teams to focus on other, more fruitful uses of their time. However, it can also be handy to apply X2Flow in more nuanced cases. Let’s examine one such case.

Let’s say you are promoting an event – a wine tasting sounds like a fun idea. You can create a tag in X2CRM called “#wineclub” and associate contact records with that tag. You can create a dynamic list of contacts that automatically updates itself, adding every contact in your system that is tagged with #wineclub to the Wine Club mailing list. Now, if you want to create a marketing campaign promoting a wine tasting event, you can easily include everyone who is a member of your tasting club. Tags can easily be added or removed within the contacts module in X2CRM.

Now say you wish to promote your next event. You can create an email campaign within the marketing module in X2CRM to do just that. Draft a new email in the editor or select from your premade email templates. Template emails are updatable from within the campaign editor. Within the email you can include a link with a web tracking key.



Now you can create a flow in the X2Flow designer. The trigger for this flow (i.e. the event that initiates the automation process) will be someone clicking that link from within a campaign email:



This flow contains a lot of items – but the following text walks through them, step by step. This flow is triggered when a link is clicked within the campaign email you just created. From the settings of the flow trigger, you must specify which campaign and which URL you are specifically referencing in order to start the flow. This flow then makes a post in the activity feed and adds a tag to the user. In this case, that tag is #WineClubAutumn2013Event. The next step in this flow is to wait for a specified amount of time (1 day) before moving on to the next step.

The flow then introduces a conditional attribute evaluator. This conditional decision point checks whether the contact has purchased a specific product or not. If they have, the upper path is followed and they are then added to a static list, “Autumn Tasting Attendees”. If they do not match the attribute conditions, the lower path is followed.

The contact, if they have not yet purchased, is then sent an incentive email offering them a 15% discount if they buy within 7 days. There is then a one week waiting period before the system once again checks if they have bought. If they have indeed bought then X2 updates the product record to reflect the 15% discount, creates an action for the contact’s assigned sales rep (i.e. user) reminding them to ensure the customer receives their discount. Then they are added to the attendees list.

If they still have not purchased, X2 sends them a final email, reminding them they have only one day left to accept the offer. The following day, X2 once again checks if they have purchased. If not, they have their #WineClubAutumn2013Event tag, which was added in the initial part of the flow, removed from their record.

This is just one of the many examples showcasing X2Flow’s ability to automate facets of your business, from simple to complex. Check out an overview of X2Flow here, or browse the X2Flow user manual. With the tool set in X2CRM you too can get started with revving up your business.

Kathy Eckel