X2CRM version 5.4 CRM Release Highlights


We are excited to release X2CRM version 5.4 this week. X2CRM v5.4 – an enterprise CRM application built for small business which includes new sales process and marketing workflow automation features, a new Android mobile application and improvements to the X2CRM cloud platform. X2CRM 5.4 is a long term release, our last major 5.x update. Over the next few months we will provide small updates and a new X2Touch IOS mobile application. We have already started working on X2CRM 6.0 which we plan to beta early to mid-summer 2016 with details to follow. Checkout a live demo at http://demo.x2crm.com. 

X2CRM 5.4 Feature Highlights:

X2Touch Mobile Android App – Users can now take photos, create, search, view and edit customer records in a new compact Android mobile application. Install from Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.x2crm.x2crm


Email Correspondence – X2CRM can now monitor users email inboxes and automatically attach customer emails to CRM records. Marketing workflows can then be triggered create automated responses and alerts. 

Open Email Activity Triggers – In addition to tracking, alerting and logging when customer emails are opened, users can now add workflow automation triggers to automate responses, alerts or activate other actions within X2Workflow. Emails sent from automated marketing workflows can now activate new workflows when emails are opened by prospects. 

Process Module – Being able to create flexible sales & service process funnels has always been a core part of X2CRM. There are situations where process funnels are needed for non-financial uses. With X2CRM 5.4 users can now create process funnels for any type of activity requiring procedures are followed closely. Examples are government, educational and internal corporate workflow processes. 

X2VPS Network Status Monitor – 2VPS Cloud CRM software as service is now powered by AmazonAWS offering superior enterprise scalability, redundancy and flexibility. X2VPS Network Status monitor is a new 24/7 transparent network status page for X2VPS customers. http://status.x2vps.com/

For more information please visit www.x2crm.com or 1-831-222-5333 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., M-F PST.

Kathy Eckel