X2CRM User Meetup – Jan 2014

Last week, X2CRM hosted a meetup for users of our X2CRM software. The event was held in our hometown of Santa Cruz, California at the Cruzio building downtown.

The event was announced on our website as well as on our Meetup page. The meetup was designed to answer questions from our users, demonstrate a few of the advanced customization techniques in X2CRM – like the X2Studio – as well as the sales and marketing automation power within X2Flow. The meetup offered a unique opportunity for X2CRM customers and team members to network within the community.

The presentation began with an introduction from our development partners at Jabico Enterprises, another local Santa Cruz tech company. Jabico offers customization solutions for X2CRM to companies that need a tailored installation to best suit their needs.

Founder and CEO John Roberts then gave a short presentation outlining the history of X2CRM, the goals set forth in its design, and the driving concepts behind its inception – agility, quickness, and customization, all coordinating to create a great sales, service, and marketing automation application for business. The description is hopefully reminiscent of the swift maneuverability of racing bikes – the spirit of the X2CRM. He also reiterated the excellent combination of the X2CRM philosophy with the backdrop of the city of Santa Cruz.

The evening progressed with a detailed look at the X2Studio designer and the X2Flow automation system. The interactive presentation included demonstrations of use-case scenarios and was peppered with Q&A from the audience. The discussion was colorful, driven by the tech-savvy audience with an interest in CRM applications.

Though this was a local meetup, the global reach of X2CRM was also apparent. With installations in 150+ countries around the world, even a local meetup needs to be global. The meetup was broadcast over a live stream to accommodate our non-local users. The meetup seems to have been a great success and we look forward to hosting similar events in the future. If the first one is any indication, these group meetings will remain popular with our online userbase as well. If you’re a Santa Cruz local, or just passing through, get in touch with us and tell us which X2CRM features you’d like to see get some attention at the next X2CRM user meetup.


Kathy Eckel