X2CRM: The Next Generation CRM for the Next Generation Employee

I remember the first time I felt old-and not that exciting ‘I finally get to drive without my parents’ old. It was more like ‘the problem with kids these days is…’ type of old.


I was a senior in college, and my roommates younger brother was over, enjoying a respite from the freshman dorms. Somehow Four Lokos, the alcoholic energy drink, came up in conversation, and he had to explain to me what-in-the-world he was talking about. I had never heard of them, and his description quickly quelled any interest I might have had. Apparently Four Lokos were immensely popular with the younger classmen,  flying off the shelves despite leaving drinkers with fuzzy nights and compromising positions. The following week, Four Loko was plastered on every news outlet as the dangerous drink was banned nationwide.

I was only in college, and I was already feeling dated by talking to somebody only slightly younger than me.

Although this story could simply be validating that I am a complete square, it also was the first time that I realized how quickly things come and go, evolve and make an impact on a generation.

Nowhere is this more true than in the technological realm. As soon as you set up your new iPhone 5, the line for the next, much cooler phone is forming.

Even your employees are changing! I was recently reading an article by Christina Schlachter in the Denver Business Journalabout the new generation joining the workplace and what this meant for employers. Schlachter talks about the necessary adaptations that businesses have to make to extract the best results from of Generation Y employees, including new types of training and incentive programs. I am a member of Generation Y myself, and I see the practical application of the practices she outlines, even if I feel slightly contemptuous at being called ‘hard to please.’  (Although I suppose that proves the point in some backwards way.)

If organizations are changing their training programs, career progression, incentive programs and even work schedules, why aren’t they updating their technology with as much ferver? When contemplating a new generation hitting the workforce, we must remember that this is a generation that grew up with computers, Gameboys, Nintendos and iPods– and that only scratches the surface. We, as a generation, are comfortable with technology, and it doesn’t take a significant amount of time for us to grasp a new program.

Conversely, if I may speak for the group, we are averse to outdated technology. I, for one, think that a legacy system that was written 15 years ago and shows its sad hack job of attempted relevancy reflects poorly on any company. Not only is it not working for your company in the ways it should, it screams “Grandpa set up this one up! And oh, he also forgot the WiFi password again!” to any of your new employee and any prospects.

That is why we have focused on making X2CRM a next generation application. This is a CRM app that your company can confidently move forward with. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the user interface.

Although this might seem initially trivial, think about it. The UI it is a huge influencer on employee adoption. Usability is frequently overlooked in favor of shining features, but ultimately, the complexity of capabilities is insignificant if the process is too overly complicated or time consuming. We are constantly focused on keeping X2CRM fast and lean with a minimal number of clicks and a streamlined navigation design. Thus, a complete overhaul of UI for Version 2.0. And, we are continuing to improve it!

Plus, the new UI is approachable. After the social media boom, users are preconditioned to favor software that is intuitive and simplistic with friendly views. We’ve designed X2CRM to read like a blog; heck, we’ve even included social media in the app itself.

The software you use everyday in your company, particularly your CRM system, has to be able to keep up with your business. No matter how cutting edge it used to be, at a certain point relevancy requires upgrading to a new system, even if that sounds daunting. X2CRM was designed from the ground up as a flexible, modular look-and-feel application, similar to popular social media sites. As you prepare for the next generation of your business and the next generation of employees (those meddling kids…), make sure YOUR sales software is on par.

Kathy Eckel