X2CRM for Chromebook 2

I have been a big fan of Google’s ChromeOS for mobile CRM for some time. This week I needed a new laptop to take traveling and the thought of lugging my heavy, hot macbook with a power cord around did not excite me. So, I took a chance and bought a new Toshiba Chromebook2 from Amazon for $350.00 – or less then 20% of the cost of new PC/Mac laptop.

Not only has this machine completely surpassed all my hopes, but for me, it is indeed a much more useful and realistic portable computer for folks on the road. A couple of things I really like about ChromeOS; one – the screen resolution is superior to most, more expensive laptops. X2CRM looks great! It’s as if you have a super large hi-res desktop monitor. Second, the battery lasts for 9 hours on a 3 hour charge – so no more lugging power cables around. Third and best of all, it boots in two seconds is seems, no more waiting, and waiting, waiting for the computer to turn on and shutdown. Fourth, it is super light. Five, easy to tether to my phone for instant internet access on the road.

If you have a mobile sales force I would highly recommend ChromeOS based machines. With a range of machines from $200 to $350 (expensive one) you can not go wrong. I am already looking forward to the desktop, large display version for call centers, inside sales and service teams.

Kathy Eckel