X2CRM 3.0 Sales & Marketing Software Renaissance

Today after seven months of software development we are releasing X2CRM 3.0. It’s a huge release with several new and very powerful Marketing Automation and sales force productivity features. There will be an official announcement tomorrow, as well as new demo servers to explore.

This morning, as I was driving my kids to school they asked me when I was going to setup their own private Minecraft server so they could start creating worlds to share with school friends. I said, “sure but after we ship 3.0 today!” Then I went on for about five minutes why 3.0 releases are special.

X2CRM 3.0 is the culmination of over three years of design and development. What started out as a favor for a friend to create a fast, lightweight and compact sales system for a BMW Motorcycle dealership has turned into global open source CRM project and business. But 3.0 releases take time for them to be real. You can not rush or market your way to building innovative, high quality software. It simply takes time, and that time has allowed us to design, build, sand, test and ship – over 45 releases in a little over two years.

X2CRM 3.0.zip 5/1/2013
X2CRM 2.9.1.zip 3/27/2013
X2CRM-2.9.zip 3/22/2013
X2CRM2.8.1.zip 2/22/2013
X2CRM2.8.zip 2/14/2013
X2Engine-2.7.2.zip 2/1/2013
X2CRM2.7.1.zip 1/26/2013
X2Engine-2.7.zip 1/24/2013
X2Engine-2.5.2.zip 12/31/2012
X2CRM2.5.zip 12/19/2012
X2CRM 2.2.1.zip 11/16/2012
X2CRM2.2.zip 11/9/2012
X2EngineCRM2.1.1.zip 10/15/2012
X2EngineCRM2.1.zip 10/13/2012
x2engine_v2.0.zip 10/2/2012
X2Engine1.6.6.zip 9/4/2012
X2Engine1.6.5.1.zip 8/28/2012
X2Engine1.6.5.zip 8/25/2012
X2Engine1.6.1.zip 7/26/2012
X2Engine1.6.zip 7/18/2012
X2Engine1.5.zip 6/19/2012
X2Engine1.4.zip 5/23/2012
x2engine1.3.1.zip 5/8/2012
X2Engine1.3.zip 5/8/2012
x2crm.pxm 4/13/2012
X2Engine1.2.2.zip 3/23/2012
x2crm1.2.1.zip 3/17/2012
x2crm 1.2.0.zip 3/9/2012
x2engine1.1.0.zip 3/1/2012
x2engine1.0.1.zip 2/21/2012
x2engine1.0.zip 2/21/2012
x2engine0.9.10.1.zip 2/17/2012
x2engine0.9.10.zip 2/11/2012
x2engine0.9.9.1.zip 1/11/2012
x2engine0.9.9.zip 1/6/2012
x2engine0.9.8.zip 12/15/2011
x2engine0.9.7.1.zip 12/1/2011
x2engine0.9.7.zip 11/28/2011
x2engine_0.9.6.zip 11/14/2011
x2engine0.9.5.zip 11/3/2011
x2engine_0.9.4.zip 10/28/2011
x2engine_0.9.3.zip 10/21/2011
x2engine_v0.9.2.zip 10/13/2011
Beta_v0.9.1.1.rar 10/7/2011
Development Start 5/1/11
Design Start 10/14/10


Kathy Eckel