Web Lead Capture-Easy as Pie

It is a fact.  You are more likely to take on a project for one of two reasons:

1. It is easy to take on
2. It is extremely important and beneficial


Unfortunately, it is usually one or the other. The easier the task, the less the potential beneficial impact; the more work intensive, the more beneficial. I’m no stranger to this game; the amount of days I wear heels (extremely labor intensive!) is directly relatable to how single I am (greater potential payoff).

Enter X2CRM‘s Web Lead Capture Form–essentially the best of both worlds. Capturing contact data from visitors on your website creates invaluable leads, increases engagement, and compiles relevant and actionable data. With X2CRM, you can create a lead capture form with a few clicks and customize it to fit your brands with colors and fonts.  Add hidden tags to seamlessly organize your new tags. Plus, its as easy to embed as a YouTube video, simple copy and paste the generated code. Make sure to name and save your custom web lead capture form so you can use it elsewhere later. Easy as pie! Mmm…pie…

Take a look at the Creator for yourself:


Kathy Eckel