Sales Force CRM Data Lock-In


This morning we announced a new partnership with Import2, a new sales force CRM data import service. What I really like about this new service is that it directly targets what I would consider subversive attempts by older and larger CRM vendors to intentionally make it difficult for customers to extract their data from these systems. I hear it all the time, “X2CRM Rocks!, but I use ‘abc’ CRM system now and I am not sure if I can get my data out, or if I can it is likely going to be a very expensive and time-consuming project.”

If you were an established CRM vendor with an overbuilt and expensive sales force application, why would you make it easy for customers to leave your service? I’ve heard some CRM providers even charge customers to even perform a data extract. The good news is the CRM vender lock-in trick is becoming less of an issue now, thanks to the ease of Import2’s new service.

Import2 is a pioneer of automated online data migration. It assures the integrity of all the user data as it supports import of all standard CRM objects, corresponding sales activity history and custom fields. “Import2’s goal is to make users’ transition between online services as fast and easy as possible,” said co-founder of Import2 Mark Kofman.

Import2 works with any X2CRM edition including Open Source and Professional.

Kathy Eckel