Release Announcement – X2CRM Platinum, Professional, and Open Source CRM v4.1.6 Now Available

X2CRM, today announced the release of version 4.1.6 of their open source CRM, sales force & marketing automation, and customer service application. This update includes some polishing elements and UI improvements, as well as usability enhancements. With its open source CRM improvements, X2CRM has added reverse IP lookup for its X2Identity technology, reinforced the influence of email marketing campaigns by including new unsubscribe features, and increased the quickness and ease of use of the Process module. The X2CRM product suite includes its Open Source CRM, X2Professional, and X2Platinum Editions.

X2CRM v4.1.6 Features and Upgrades

Process UI enhancements

The Process module received a big update in version 4.1 when the Pipeline view was introduced, allowing users to easily move records through their process stages using a drag and drop interface. The ability to establish color coded sequences using the Gradient Selector further enhanced the usability of the view, and now, X2CRM are introducing yet another enhancement to this system. Many businesses utilize multiple process funnels for one record. It's now easier than ever to navigate between multiple processes, using the process dropdown menu selector. Users can quickly jump back and forth between processes and get their data faster. Also included are some UI tweaks which make the stage title column dynamically adapted to the width of the stage name.

Activity Feed Report Upgrades

The introduction of the Activity Feed Report in v.4.1 was a powerful new way to conceptualize the data present in an X2CRM system. This report created a periodic email digest sent directly to an email inbox, reporting back on all the information and recent actions taking place in the system: Calendar events, new web leads, contact web activity, email correspondence, and much more. In X2CRM 4.1.6 there is even greater control over these reports. Users can create an automated email summary of events, selecting which stories they’d like to hear about, and filtering out those they don't. It’s possible to choose how often these reports go out (daily, weekly, or monthly) and how many stories are included in each report. It’s also now possible to send a test email to preview what a typical report will look like. Give each report a helpful name to quickly remember the intention of the report. X2CRM v4.1.6 now features a grid view of all created reports, including controls to temporarily stop the report or permanently delete it, as well as scheduling information. This email digest can be generated from within the filter settings of the activity feed and can be customized to each individual X2CRM user.

Lead Routing Enhancements

X2CRM's lead routing feature has been developed with user requirements in mind. Adding complexity to the way new leads are routed was the first step, allowing users to set specific Custom Lead Routing Rules in the admin panel, so that if a user who meets certain attribute requirements comes in, a specific user can be made to receive that lead. Based on popular demand, X2CRM has added more functionality to this system. There is now a new "available" setting that will allow users to only receive leads when they are online, or logged into the system. This can also act as a "vacation" setting, so when users are out of the office for extended periods, their leads don't go unattended.

Custom Do Not Email Unsubscribe Links and Inclusion in X2Flow

X2Flow has always been a powerful automation system. One of the most useful abilities of X2Flow was the power to send automated emails in a chain of actions. However, many of our users have noticed that emails sent from X2Flow did not include the automatic "unsubscribe" links at the end of the email, as email sent from a Marketing Campaign does. Now users have the ability to append a "Do Not Email" link to emails sent from X2Flow.

This "Do Not Email" setting will now affect contacts in the same way as it does for Marketing Campaigns. If a contact clicks the unsubscribe link, they will be prevented from receiving email in a Marketing Campaign, or now, from X2Flow. This setting, as well as your custom "Do Not Email" link can be configured in the administration panel.

X2Identity – Reverse IP Lookup

X2Identity uses in-house developed browser fingerprinting as an supplement and alternative method to the traditional cookie-based web tracker. Browser fingerprinting is not reliant on cookies. Instead, it is based on certain browser settings and attributes that make them unique. If browser fingerprinting is enabled, the tracker will attempt to identify a contact based on their browser settings. X2Identity will create a list of matched browser fingerprints, allowing users to track and manage contacts who have not submitted a web form. Additionally, X2CRM provides a list of Anonymous Contacts. Anonymous contacts are created upon submission of a newsletter form, or when a contact who has not yet been associated with a browser fingerprint visits a page embedded with the web tracker. Once these anonymous contacts submit the web lead form, their lead score and activity history will be migrated over to an ordinary contact record.

With the update to 4.1.6, X2Identity web tracking sees a major new addition. It’s now possible to track the IP addresses of both Contacts and Anonymous Contacts. Users can see which IP address a contact is using to connect to an integrated CRM and website. In addition, the system can perform Hostname lookups, meaning it can decipher the hostname from an IP address.

Kathy Eckel