Open Source Blogger Swan Song

Yesterday Paula Rooney published her swan song open source post. Having meet Paula several times and over the years, I am sad to see her discontinue her very popular blog. One of her parting thoughts got me thinking.

“Open source software and proprietary software mix well in the IT infrastructure but not at the corporate level. The cultures clash too much. Time and time again, we’ve seen promising open source projects and companies acquired by proprietary software giants end up either crushed or diminished. Of course, huge injections of cash help talented open source developers fund open source forks, and new companies, but on the whole, the fewer of these marriages, the better, in my humble estimation.”

On one hand I agree, that some great open source projects that leveraged up on venture funding, debt or corporate buyouts in efforts to greatly stimulate their projects have had mixed results. Not many still independent commercial open source companies have gone public yet and other than CEO’s “talking of going public,” no SEC fillings have been made. So Paula could be right on this one.

But as a smaller, non-VC funded open source CRM company. We have been amazed at how fast X2CRM has spread across the planet this past year. This week X2CRM reached 128 counties. This would not have been possible if were not for the great software stack that X2CRM is built on. Aside from PHP, MySQL remains our db of choice. Yes Oracle owns MySQL now, but I have not seen any significant change in the quality of the software and I think it is a big advantage to have our DB owned but one of the most respected database companies on the planet – Oracle.

Thanks for your great blog these past few years Paula.

Kathy Eckel