It’s a New Year. Ready to Shift Into High Gear?


As January approaches, many people plan out their upcoming year with resolutions for self-improvement. What resolutions will your company be making? Many business professionals would say they want to improve their business practices, to increase their sales effectiveness, or to pare down their company’s budget. In short, they want to trim the fat on their expenses, while still maximizing their achievements.

Entering the next business year, some businesses using’s CRM services are coming up for a renewal on their subscriptions, and as those businesses evaluate their year’s sales performance and expenses, they may begin to weigh the CRM alternatives. X2Engine offers a cost-effective alternative to salesforce while providing a flexible, fully customizable, and dynamic customer relationship platform.

As we look back on our year, it’s clear that X2 has grown a lot. In 2013 we welcomed major additions to the X2Engine, including Google account integrationX2Targeted MarketingX2Premium Consultation Services, and of course, the powerful X2Flow. With installations in over 150 countries around the world, we’ve necessarily expanded our translation services, and now offer X2CRM in 15 languages. We’ve progressively grown our software, ramping up from version 2.7 in January 2013 to version 3.6 in December 2013, with eyes to release X2CRM 4.0 early in 2014.

In addition to releasing the newest version of X2CRM, this January we’re also looking forward to hosting X2Events. We designed these events to provide informative demonstrations of the software, to interact with our customer base, and to answer any questions from the user community. Our first event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14th at 6:30 PST here in downtown Santa Cruz. It’s sure to be a fun and informative evening!

Through it all we’ve continued to offer X2CRM at a consistent and affordable price, with our download version priced at $65.00 per user per year, while cloud services are only $12.00 per user per month. Our business philosophy has always been centered on creating a powerful, personalized CRM, tailored for small businesses, at a price which suits them. We believe X2Engine’s automated marketing and customer relationship management system is a boon to your company’s crucial resources – your employees’ time and your business’s budget.

Perhaps 2014 is the right time for your company to fulfill some new year’s resolutions – maximizing business efficiency and sales effectiveness with X2CRM. Give us a call from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST at 831-222-5333, and if you ever find yourself in Santa Cruz come stop by our offices and say hello.

Kathy Eckel