Five X2CRM Tips and Tricks

X2CRM is designed to be a highly intuitive system with a rich functionality and nimble user interface. From the sales and marketing automation of X2Flow to the insights of X2Identity web tracking, it can be easy to overlook some of the simpler performance enhancing features of the app. Here are some of the lesser known tools and tricks in X2CRM:

1. Profile Widget Tools


The icons in the top menu of the X2CRM UI can do some useful rearranging of the layout you see on your screen. The Collapse Widgets icon (the four outward arrows) will turn your four column display into a three column display by removing the right hand side widgets from the screen. This can be useful when you’re on a smaller size display like a netbook or laptop. The Unhide Widgets icon (the gear/cogwheel) will restore any widgets that you’ve hidden from the right hand side widget column. 


Finally, you can add additional summary widgets to your profile page with the Add Profile Widget option, found in the profile page.


This will add different types of charts and record grids to your home screen for quick and easy access.

2. Edit Menus


X2CRM is adaptable to any industry vertical. Perhaps you are a business that does not provide any customer support, so you do not have any use for the Service module. Perhaps you would like Calendar to be the first item in the menu and Media to be the last. The option to rearrange and remove menu items exists for X2Administrators. Navigate to the Admin Panel and further to System Settings. Select Manage Menu Items to see the screen below. Swap module places and add and remove items from the list to get exactly the menu you want to see.


3. Static Pages in Menu


You can create a document that you place in the top bar menu of X2CRM for all your users, giving you a shared document that all will be able to regularly check. One use case example might be using this document as a place for updating people on general upcoming tasks and events.

First, go to the Administrative Panel of X2CRM. Under System Settings, opt to Create a Static Page, which will bring you to a document editor.


Once you create your document, it will become a menu item. Use the Manage Menu Items tip from earlier to choose where it appears in the menu order. This static page is now a permanent fixture on your top bar menu, giving you an editable document which you can use as a sounding board for your team.

4. X2Flow Formulas and Targeted Content


Hello, {world}! You might have already know that you can use dynamic variables based on attribute fields in many places of the app, including email, actions, and X2Flow, but did you know that you can also include formulas in these fields? Use the = operator to introduce formulaic equations in X2Flow, allowing you to increase a contact’s lead score if they visit your website (using the formula “={leadScore}+1”), or giving you a net income value of a campaign (using the formula “={c_campaignValue}-{cost}”).

5. X2Client Services


While the user reference guide is still the go-to source for discovering the functionality and potential of X2CRM, there are now three types of consulting services that X2CRM provides for those looking to get even more out of their system. X2CRM Client Services provide the insight and knowledge of the CRM, engineering, and business specialists at X2CRM.

X2Administrative Training is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of X2CRM, show you what’s possible with the powerful toolset of X2CRM features, and explain configuration settings and parameters.
X2Developer Services include technical support including assistance with web tracking, data migration, and potential custom projects.
Finally, X2Expert Services provide the necessary advice on how to best optimize X2CRM for any business vertical. An Expert Services consultant will study your individual business goals and objectives, then provide advice on the best way to configure and optimize X2 for your requirements, seamlessly integrating the underlying X2CRM to drive your business.

Whatever personalized attention you need to get your X2CRM experience to be the best it can be, X2CRM Client Services has the right solution. Contact us today.

Kathy Eckel