Feature Spotlight du jour: v3.3 update special! Action History Charts and X2Flow

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Early last week, I was casually strolling along an energetic Pacific avenue here in lovely Santa Cruz, California – the home base of X2 operations. As I enjoyed the sights of summer there on that bustling stretch of downtown sidewalk, I happened to run into an old friend who I’d not seen in some time – approximately 512 days actually, which works out to ~1.40181 years (if the years are non-leap years). I asked the friend (who I’ll call Mr. F) how he’d been and was anything new with him. He replied “Well I’ve only just bought a new remote control helicopter to fly my pet howler monkey, Chimpy, around in.” With a shocked expression plastered to my face, I said “you enjoy remote control helicopters too?” Mr. F, suddenly looking a bit hurt, said “of course I do. Don’t you recall that 48.22 minute conversation we had last autumn – October 8th I believe it was – which was all about our mutual interest in propelling our pets around in remotely controlled vehicles?” Ashamed, I directed my gaze downward; downward to the crushed petals of a small, dying flower which had somehow managed to grow through a crack in the cement of the sidewalk, but which now wilted in flowery agony due to the callousness of mankind. Eyes cast aside, I admitted to Mr. F that in fact I did not remember that conversation. He tutted sharply and began to walk away. I turned to watch him leave but he was soon swallowed up by the crowd of people; Happy people. Blissful people. In a moment, he was gone from my sight and my life. I stood there for what seemed like 216.2 seconds but was really only 38.1 seconds (0.635 minutes, if the minutes are non-leap minutes). I stood there, looking out at a scene bursting with life and yet still seeing nothing. I recall feeling that I had erred in some profound, immutable way, forever altering the course of events in both our lives.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

If you are in sales yourself you will know that situations like this come up all the time. Sales representatives have many customers to keep track of and many different types of information they need to be able to retrieve in an instant. For instance, you need to recall when a contact’s last interaction was, how much they were last invoiced, and yes, even personal notes about a customer. X2CRM’s new Action History Chart offers quick, at a glance overviews of all interactions with your clients. With X2CRM’s phone system integration, whenever a contact calls, the action history chart will instantly appear on the customer’s contact page. As with everything in X2CRM, the graph is customizable and can be edited to include or exclude event types, or to display a larger or smaller time frame.

Another huge addition to X2CRM 3.3 is the Action Automation Module, X2Flow. This powerful feature is highly customizable, extremely easy to use, and most importantly, an effective marketing tool to aid you and your business. X2Flow utilizes a visual, icon-based drag and drop user interface, allowing you and your team to quickly streamline planned responses, automated to occur whenever your custom triggers set those actions in motion. This not only ensures your company’s “best practices” are followed, but frees your team to tend to the more creative aspects of marketing. Check out a full description of X2Flow replete with examples! Rife, even!

The Action History Chart and X2Flow are two of the newest additions to X2CRM, both proudly included in version 3.3. Explore the X2 3.3 demo or download the update today!

Kathy Eckel