CRM for Dyslexics

At an early age I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It has always been a huge burden for me but sometimes it can be a great advantage as it forces me to think outside of the box. If it were not for WordPerfect and an IBM PC-XT I would not have completed college. It was software that enabled me to overcome this superficial vision deficiency, even though I have 20/20 vision. One of the reasons I tend to be very UI centric is probably due to my lack of vision sometimes when reading CRM data records. I believe a good user interface makes for easy reading.

This week, after writing a blog post and reading it ten times for spelling and punctuation errors, I thought it looked good. But I have learned that even though I have proofed a post ten times, I will always misspell something simple, Which a lot of times can destroy the value of what is hopefully a good post.

So after Tony, our new linguist/doc writer, found about three little and very obvious mistakes, I joked that the world needs a “dyslexic spellchecker.” He then pointed me to OpenDyslexic, a free open source dyslexia typeface and Dyslexie (non-open source). So I installed the font on my mac and BAM! – I CAN READ. It does really work for me. In some ways it looks kind of childish, but my eyes now see every letter. Now I see why I have always liked the Courier typeface but considered it too basic to use professionally.

After downloading and playing with the font for a while inside of X2CRM, I think it looks pretty good! It is just a font/browser overlay and it slows the page load by a second – but it works just fine.

Whether or not you have dyslexia, this typeface is very, very easy to read. For sales people on the run, some of whom may have dyslexia, this is a great free feature. We at X2 are going to play around a bit more with typefaces to see if we can use them as speed-enabling tools for our users.

Have a look for yourself!

Kathy Eckel