CRM Communications

This past year we started using a new screencasting service called Screenr. This screen recording service has been great and I would count us as a happy, reference-able customer. One of the benefits of using videos on site is that it allows us to fully demonstrate the value of our open source CRM app, X2CRM without having to write and have web visitors read a bunch of web pages. A short, to the point product demo is what most folks want to see when they visit

Last Friday though, all of our embedded videos on suddenly started showing the following error message. At first I thought it was our issue, something was wrong with the web server, or our account with ScreenR. After an hour of trying to reach with no response from the website, I correctly determined this was a ScreenR issue not our issue. Ok, all cloud apps go down from time to time – it happens – not a big deal.

But, what really started to irritate me though was the message that ScreenR was displaying on our website. The way it is worded, it sounded like this issue was our issue, not Screenr’s. At this point the only thing I could do was allow this awful error message on the page and assume ScreenR would magically turn back on, which it did a few hours later. The next day I received our monthly invoice from Screenr, but no mention of the outage, an apology, or best case, a statement that they are rewording their error messages to not point the blame at their customers, but themselves.

Kathy Eckel