Creating Marketing Campaigns with X2CRM

As part of our continual video blog series, we are attempting to showcase the powerful features of our open source CRM system. One of the greatest features, and most often asked about, is the marketing campaign creator. This video is a quick walk through of how to create a Marketing Campaign in X2CRM.

Campaign Features

Creating a campaign in X2CRM is quite simple.

  • Created through Contact Lists or tagged lists
  • Save template designs for repeat campaigns, like Newsletters
  • Rich editor allows you to design appealing visual emails
  • Drag and drop images from your media module
  • Include external links
  • Attach files
  • Send test emails
  • Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes both from the Campaign screen and the real time Activity Feed
  • Integration with Web Tracker

Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have, or contact us by phone or email. Thanks for watching!

Kathy Eckel