BitNami Open Source X2CRM Installers, Virtual Machines and Cloud Hosting

Today we announced a new open source CRM partnership with BitRock, the folks behind the BitNami stack installers, virtual machines and cloud images. BitRock is changing the way people install and manage software across multiple platforms. They are one of the top software providers in the Amazon cloud, thanks to their popular Amazon Machine Images and cloud hosting service.  BitNami software stacks have been deployed millions of times both natively and in virtual and cloud environments.

Starting today, you can now download and install X2CRM on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, WMware Virtual Machines and even Amazon cloud instances with just a few clicks. Bitnami takes care of installing and configuring the web server, database, and php runtime environment. So now anyone can install X2CRM in minutes on any operating system you prefer.

BitNami X2CRM Stack Installers 

Kathy Eckel